Thursday, November 22, 2007

Self-Hypnosis: Manifest Your Dreams Even Faster!!

Did you know that you will become much more effective and efficient at attracting that which you desire, when you tap into the Universal force of Intention? When you align youself with the Universal laws, such as the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, the law of gratitude, the law of circulation and others, you become much more powerful. You must first learn how to impress your goals and ideas to the Universal substance and the best, fastest and easiest way to do that is through meditation or self-hypnosis.

Self hypnosis helps you really connect with the Universe and Infinite Power. I have to admit I struggled with this for a long time. Real mind focus is hard!! Try for a minute to focus on one easy task... count to 10 without any external thought entering your mind.... hard isn't it. I still have trouble doing it! Every time a new thought jumps in, start over.... it takes effort, repetition and persistence to master mind focus!!!

If we are not giving clear detailed descriptions of our desires and ideas to the Universe, our dreams either do not come true as planned or take much longer than we would like. So the trick to fast and efficient manifestations is learning meditation or self -hypnosis. I have bought many programs, books and tapes on these subjects and I did not really "get it" until I took this one:

It is really open minded and work on it, and it will work for you!

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