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Being Congruent: Your Attitude

Being Congruent: Your Attitude
As obvious as this sounds, it goes very very deep, so you may want to read this several times. Adopting and living with an abundant attitude is something that you believe and live at your very core. I love the way Bob Proctor explains attitude in his program, "Attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions".

You must choose to live with an attitude of abundance, so that all of your thoughts, feelings and actions are those that reflect abundance.

Now comes the deep part. You must keep your attitude and core beliefs in alignment, we call this congruence. Have you ever said something that was really positive and inspiring, but yet in the back of your mind held onto feelings of doubt, fear or anxiety? If you use positive thinking, great, but if you use positive thinking and yet feel feelings of lack, fear or doubt, you are not feeling positive and ultimately your positive thinking will get you no where. You must truly align your thoughts, feelings and actions into positive, high vibrations. It is not until you master the art of being congruent with an abundant attitude, that you will be able to realize true success.
Congruence is the condition that all parts of you are in alignment. You must align these three key parts.

•DESIRE: The first key part is desire. You must want it. You must want abundant wealth/health/whatever you desire so badly that you are willing to make changes. You must want abundance and wealth in every cell and fiber of your being.

•DESERVE: The second key to becoming perfectly aligned and congruent is to deserve it, this is self-acceptance. This is also your self esteem, you must believe that you deserve success/health/love/your goals/wealth and abundance in all good things.

•BELIEVE: The third key part is belief. You must believe, with faith and purpose that you can achieve a great success and wealth. Part of this is developing hope and faith, I like to call it Acquiring Hope, as for all of us, it is a learned process and skill (

You must be congruent on all three of these key factors-to your core. If one of these key factors is diffused, you will be ineffective in achieving success and wealth. For example, if you want to experience success and even feel that you deserve it, but after several weeks or months you do still not have it, you may begin to question your beliefs, maybe you believe that it is not true, that this process does not work, that you are not doing something correctly. Two out of three does not cut it. You are no longer congruent. You will not be able to choose your results or attract things that will make you successful.

Every part of you must buy in to these concepts and an attitude of abundance; you must want it, believe it is coming to you and believe you deserve it- in your mind, body and soul. When you have these three key factors in alignment, you are a power to behold. This process may take months or years to happen, most times it does not happen overnight or all at once.

For some of us, it is a result of going through a bad experience that forced us into a position of a matter of survival. Then one day, we realize that “my day is here” and everything falls into place, and the tools and resources that we need in order to advance our recovery are shown to us and we are now willing to accept them, practice them and habituate them in order to transform our life of lack into a magical experience of a life of abundance. The seed was planted, and now it is ripe and ready to bear fruit. Obtaining success and wealth results from having an abundant attitude and being congruent.

The more aligned you are with the things you want, the more powerful you attract them. The things you congruently want have no choice but to be attracted to you. People who are congruent are attractive, magnetic-even charismatic. When you are fully congruent, you are irresistible. –Mark Victor Hansen.

Enjoy your abundant and congruent you! and

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