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Life Is A Journey: You Must Set Goals!

Goal Setting
A journey requires goals. Think about it, what do you really want? If you do not know, how can you receive it? Once you identify what you really want, write it down and if you have it already; fantastic! If you do not have what you really want, then establish it as a goal. Choose what you really want to be your experience.
To choose is also to begin.”

Goal Setting Exercise:
Take a few minutes to reflect on what exactly you wish to do, each day, each week, month and year. Now, take those thoughts and list 3-5 goals. Here are some examples of some goals:

1) I wish to spend more time with my family.
2) I wish to exercise.
3) I wish to work and have a successful career.
4) I wish to find love.
5) I wish to have more money.

Go back and revise your goals and be as detailed, objective and finite as possible. List your goal and then describe it as you imagine it would feel like if you were doing it or having it at this present moment.

1) I wish to spend 3 hours a day, one on one time with my family, playing, laughing and having fun together at the park.

2) I wish to exercise for 30-60 minutes 3-5 times a week, including walking, bicycle riding, weight lifting and swimming.

3) I wish to work in an environment that allows me to strive, not just survive, I wish to be successful and promoted to manager within the year.

4) I wish to meet my soul mate and be involved in a loving, caring, sharing and passionate relationship with this person and partner.

5) I wish to make “$ XX” dollars a year.

Now, go back and review your list again, read it out loud, how does the list make you feel? Do you feel good and happy when you read it and imagine yourself doing it or having those things right now? Good, that means you have identified good goals for you at this time. If you feel anxious or uneasy about your list, then go back and re-write the goals over and over until you do feel good. You should perform this exercise again, once you meet these goals and establish more goals. Once you get the hang of this creative process you will see your life unfold in front of you.

Excerpt from "Acquired Hope" book, more references and free resources on Acquired Hope website

Life is a Journey! Enjoy the Journey, Not the Destination

Life is a journey, a journey filled with off road stumbles and on road bliss. This journey can feel like it is all uphill for those who are coping with a chronic illness, addictive disease or injury-related condition. But life is a journey.

He who chooses the beginning of a road, also chooses its destination.”

For every journey, a roadmap is helpful in order to get to the destination timely and see all the sights and do all the activities along the way, which one has planned. Many of us travel or have traveled on our journey of life, without such a road map. We all need direction at some time, although many of us don’t typically ask for directions. But how will you know where you want to go if you do not have a goal or destination in mind? Or if one has a destination, but no road map, one may circle around endlessly, reaching the destination long overdue or even worse never at all. Everyone should have a road map for their journey of life. On this road map, it is important to establish what you really want, who you really want to be, your purpose and how you will travel.

A man without a plan for the day is lost before he starts.”
-Lewis K. Bendele

This is an excerot From Acquired Hope Book More references on Acquired

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Top Ten List of the Positives of Living w/ Chronic Illness

Coping with a chronic illness, such as Myasthenia Gravis, is filled with challenges. However, in every day, it is important to find the hope and faith that your condition will improve, and it will when you have a positive attitude and a strong focus on abundant hope and abundant health.

The chronic injury or illness experience can be a good thing. In David Letterman fashion, I have created my own top ten list of the positives of the chronic injury or illness experience:

10) Your pharmacist knows you by name.

9) Otherwise complete strangers are your instant friends, as they now share a common bond of the injury or illness experience. Look we are all meeting here today!

8) You find an inner strength and sense of empowerment that you never knew existed.

7) You grow closer to those who love and support you.

6) You find out who your true friends are.

5) You have an opportunity to re-invent your self.

4) You can explore and create new work skills and talents, that otherwise may have been left undiscovered.

3) You simplify your life.

2) You slow down and start to focus on the things that are really important to you.

1) You have an opportunity to explore and expand your current balance of the mind, body and spirit. You can become more resilient.

You can learn to Acquire Hope and abundant Health and advance your recovery! I offer two books that I have authored to help others with Myasthenia Gravis and other chronic illnesses to learn a proven method on improving your situation. These books “Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment” and “365 Days of Abundant Hope” are both available on This process works, guaranteed!

Visit for more information and details on advancing your recovery. A portion of the book profits go to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America to help support the fight against MG!

A Change Of Focus: Advancing Recovery From Anything

One of the most critical steps in recovery of a chronic illness or injury is changing the chronic ways of thought. It is these chronic, negative thoughts that often are what keeps people ill. When one is preoccupied with health, when it is all one talks about and focuses on, it remains. If one explores the most common thoughts and emotions an individual has when coping with a chronic illness, injury or disease, one will see that the majority of these emotions are negative emotions. Negative emotions do not make us feel good. These negative emotions can be detrimental to a patient’s recovery if they remained focused on them. Some of the negative emotions that one can experience when coping with the loss of health or function are described below.

Chronic illnesses and accidentally injuries can often times appear uncontrollable and unpredictable. People may feel as if they have lost control over their bodies and their future. Loss of control feels like powerlessness. When people feel powerlessness, they may also feel hopeless, anger or rage, or even have feelings of despair, worthlessness, panic and fear. The less powerful an individual feels, the harder they may try to maintain control over their world.
However, if they learn to change the feelings of powerlessness and replace them with positive thoughts, such as passion, optimism, hope and enthusiasm. They can see that they are indeed capable of many wondrous things, and that they have control and power over many aspects of their health and body.

Fear and Anxiety
Fear plays a big part in the emotional pain of chronic illness, injury or disease. A person may become afraid of many things, including the progression of a disease, the increasing loss of control or increasing disability, the outcome, the relapses or re-injuries. A patient may be afraid of our how family members, neighbors, friends and co-workers feel about them, now that they have an injury or illness. They may have financial fears, fear of losing the ability to work or not sustaining a current income or position. They may fear not being able to support their loved ones. Fear can sneak up on them and fear can overwhelm them on a continual basis.

An individual may also experience anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion that arises as one anticipates fear or thinks that bad things are coming in their direction. Anxiety can be a disabling emotion and can leave one functionless. The fear and the anxiety of a chronic illness or condition can alone leave one chronically disabled. It is important to learn how to replace these feelings of fear and anxiety with good emotions and focus on abilities and good health.

The chronically ill, physically challenged and those coping with other conditions often regret their condition and situation. This is a natural reaction. However, if this reaction becomes a chronic way of thinking, this individual will always be chronically ill. For many individuals enduring these circumstances, who feel self-pity don’t see any way out of their situation. The path of self-pity leads only to isolation. It is important to change the focus from self-pity to a focus on ability and health.

The feeling of isolation is another strong, negative emotion that can become overwhelming and self-destructive. Whether an individual is dealing with a disabling injury such as a spinal cord injury and paralysis or a chronic illness like diabetes or multiple sclerosis, that individual may often times feel alone or outside the norm, that nobody understands what they are going through. That individual may feel that they have been rejected and are not wanted or unloved. That they are different, and that this difference is a bad thing. They may become self-conscious, suffer from poor self-esteem or feel ashamed of their condition. All of these negative emotions and thought patterns only add to the isolation and a vicious cycle is created.

It is important for the person to change this negative thought pattern by getting involved with others to feel the support from others, join support groups so that they understand that they are not alone and change their thinking by focusing on the positive aspects of their condition.

The chronic injury or illness experience can be a good thing. In David Letterman fashion, I have created my own top ten list of the positives of the chronic injury or illness experience:
10) Your pharmacist knows you by name.

9) Otherwise complete strangers are your instant friends, as they now share a common bond of the injury or illness experience.

8) You find an inner strength and sense of empowerment that you never knew existed.

7) You grow closer to those who love and support you.

6) You find out who your true friends are.

5) You have an opportunity to re-invent your self.

4) You explore and create new work skills and talents, that otherwise may have been left undiscovered.

3) You simplify your life.

2) You slow down and start to focus on the things that are really important to you.

1) You have an opportunity to explore and expand your current balance of the mind, body and spirit. You can become more resilient.

Anger and Rage
Individuals with a disease or condition may experience anger and rage. There may be anger against their bodies for “failing” them. There may be a sense of betrayal. There may be anger at the meaningless of their disease, injury or condition. Or they may blame themselves or others for their condition and current situation. They may express anger or rage at nature, life, the medicine they take and their side effects, the doctors/therapists for not curing them and their friends and family members for not understanding them or responding to them the way they would like at that exact moment. There may be anger when people make allowances for them and then when they do not.

It is important to understand that anger and rage are very powerful negative emotions. If a patient does not harness these emotions, the negativity may turn into self-destruction. However, if the patient can learn to harness and control it and turn it into positive energy, such as determination, passion, optimism and hope, the rewards can be staggering. It is really all about a change of focus.

Envy, resentment and jealousy are emotional reactions that are hard to separate from one another and are difficult to eliminate from our thought patterns. To be envious, is to wish you had something that someone else had. To be resentful, is to be angry and bitter because you do not have something that someone else has. For those with a chronic illness, injury or disease the thing that they want and do not think that they have, is health and full function. Because our culture is competitive in nature and there is such an emphasis on perfection and images that reflect the “perfect” person in magazines and in movies, when a patient is coping with an illness or condition, these feelings and emotions can be a monumental influence on their lives. A person will need to learn to stop comparing themselves to what others have and what they look like and take themselves out of the competitive plane and focus on the abilities and strengths that they do have.

When coping with the onset of a chronic illness, injury or disease, grief can be one of the stages a patient may go through as they progress towards acceptance. There are typically three phases of grief:
1) Denial
2) Emotional pain
3) Acceptance.

Change can involve loss. Grieving involves focusing and feeling sad for our losses. Grief becomes a debilitating emotion when one cannot get through all the phases to the acceptance phase, but rather adopts a chronically negative way of thinking instead.

There is a blessing in the grieving process. As one goes through the three phases, one feels pain and agony and then finally the peace of acceptance. To go through the entire process, gives us a deeply rooted faith that all bad things do pass, that there is some way to deal with everything, no matter how hard or how bad it is, and that we will come out in the light. We are left ready and fully prepared to start over and rebuild.

A change of focus is required in order to maximize recovery and functional restoration. A change of focus from negative emotions, to more positive emotions such as; passion, optimism, hope, gratitude and acceptance. These are the emotions a person must take to heart in order to advance their recovery and fully restore function. Changing focus can be easy, once you learn the process in acquiring hope. To learn how to change your focus and attract good health, please read “Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment”.

Ref: “Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment” book and Acquired Hope website

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Using the Law of Attraction & Visualization to Heal?

In previous posts I presented the power of creative visualization, affirmations and thoughts in healing. I continue to spend time reading material focused on these concepts of advanced recovery and self-healing.

Listen to this comment from Dr. Evelyn Monahan, who taught at Emory University's school of nursing:
"you can use the mind to affect external things, including the molecular structure of the body".

She believes creative visualization techniques are extremely powerful and effective. As she says, "one of the most effective techniques is visualization, I taught the nurses to teach patients to actually see diseased organs or infection of the body repairing themselves, for example if you want to fight infection, visualize the white blood cells going to the infectin site and destroying the invading body."

Additionally, Dr. Irving Oyle, author of "The Healing Mind" was an early pioneer in the use of visualization, meditation/self hypnosis and affirmations in self-healing. He states:"By changing the consciousness, the mental picture you have of what is going on in your body, you can change the physical body. By thinking themselves sick, people become sick. We know for example there is a certain type of personality that tends to get heart attacks. If you can change the thinking pattern or the visual imagery to restore health, you become your own healer."

Therefore, healing yourself comes under the natural laws of the universe, specifically, the law of vibration/law of attraction. Disease, chronic illness is just a vibration, so is optimal health. Disease is a low vibration, optimal health, a high vibration. Healing becomes fixing the maladjustments of frequencies of your thought patterns.When you can change the vibration of something, you can change its form.

In order to change the vibration, we must apply mental energy, healing energy, energy in the form of thought.

****This information is so powerful, changing your thoughts, raising your conscious awareness, using techniques of affirmations, meditation/self hypnosis, visualization and the law of attraction to create better health, increase your self-healing capacity and live in optimal health energies, is possible!You just need to study it, believe it and think it.

I have many resources to help you achieve this, I had a chronic illness, I healed myself by these techniques. I was taking 22 pills a day and was moderate to severely disabled from the fatigue. These tecnhiques work! Please try them, I want you to win too!

PS: for techniques on effective and powerful creative visualization, affirmations, ways of being, the BE:DO:HAVE secret, attitude congruence, goal setting to reach higher levels of function, the law of attraction and how to apply it to self heal, please refer to my book "Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment".

10 Steps Towards Advanced Recovery and Optimal Health

I am a huge fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, he has been instrumental in my recovery and my ability to heal myself and go into remission. Please let me share some of his writing with you, it is powerful, inspirational and fun to read.

First, lets start with a quote:
"No one can ask another to be healed. But he can let himself be healed, and thus offer the other what he has received. Who can bestow upon another what he does not have? And who can share what he denies himself?"
-A Course in Miracles

Every person on this planet has within him or herself the potential to be a healer, to heal oneself and allow themself to be healed. In order to make conscious contact with your own inherent healing powers, you must make the decision to heal yourself. The only way to be heal is to be healed. Once you have accepted your power to heal yourself and optimize your health, you become someone who is also capable of healing others.

First, become the healing. Learn to reconnect to the disease-free loving perfection from which you were born from. The universal mind knows exactly what you need in order to heal yourself. So you must align yourself with the univeral mind and laws and work in harmony with these laws in order to optimize your health.

Second, take notice of your thoughts and feelings. Note when you are creating resistance to the healing process. Do not speak poorly or negatively of your current health issues. Only think and feel yourself healing and feelin more energetic and vibrant each day. When you focus on the disease, or the lack and limitation, you interfere with healing. I know I did this for years, and I remained so very sick. Once I learned and started to really work at this, I started to get better. Today I feel super! So stop complaining about how bad you feel and focus on how good you feel, as crazy as that sounds, it is necessary.

Do daily affirmations, change your thoughts from sickness to thoughts of wellness, affirm optimal health, visualize yourself with a health body! Remember how we discussed creative visualization earlier? If you want to learn techniques on how to be effective in your visualizations and affiramtios they are presented in my book "Acquired Hope". Daily affirmations and visualizations are such powerful techniques to advance the healing process, please do not over look them.Lastly, know that illness is not a punishment. Do not intellectualize the disease process, this only separates you from good health. Be encouraged to think of yourself as a healer, as moving towards better health, towards optimal health. Do not overanalyze your condition, if you do you are giving it power!

Here is Dr. Dyer's 10 step program on making optimal health your reality (summarized of course):

1) You can't heal anyone until you allow yourself to be healed.

2) The healing energy that you're connected to at all times is what you have to give away to others.

3) By raising your awareness, your energy to a vibrational match with the universe/power of intention, you are strengthening your immune system and increasing the production of well-being enzymes in the brain.

4) Practice Surrender!

5) Don't ask to be healed, ask to be restored to that perfection from which you came from.

6) Know that you are loved and adored.

7) Seek out and cherish the silence, find inner peace!

8) Identify with the wholeness that you are.

9) Allow an abundance of good health to flow into your life. Practice the art of allowing.

10 ) Stay immersed in a state of gratitude.

I love it! Good luck on your journey to higher levels of function , complete healing and raising your awareness.

Ref: Dr. Wayne Dyer:

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What Will Be Your Mark on Humanity?

Now Imagine If..

-Imagine if you could then use your mind to manifest these decisions - without wavering - because it`s crystal clear where you need to be and what you need to do.

-Imagine if You could Create this life of Your Dreams.

-Imagine thousands of lives benefiting from your new creation - whether it`s a book, a work of art, or a business.

-Imagine creating jobs, changing lives, creating products that benefit humanity.

-Imagine being a shining light - a bringer of wisdom and enlightenment to your community.

-Imagine creating sufficient wealth and prosperity that you could achieve optimal health, no matter what your health status is..... having the resources to focus on full healing and optimal health, instead of worrying about those bills.

-Imagine having the perfect body, higher levels of function.

-Imagine complete freedom and well being: a freedom in which you can do what you want, when you want and give back!!!

How would your family benefit? Whom would you influence? What would you seek to change about this world. How will you be remembered when you pass on? Who will you teach?
Or the biggest question of all - What will be your mark on humanity?

Read More Here!

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Consciously Cultivating Gratitude

The act of consciously cultivating gratitude and living with a thankful mind takes some effort initially, but can become a way of being for those that take this journey of the soul. For those who adopt the attitude of gratitude, this becomes a way of living each day. One begins to look around at his or her life, and see the positive effects and success that gratitude creates. As we partake in the delight and inner peace of a thankful mind and understand the gifts of gratitude, we realize that being grateful is not something remote or foreign, but a natural part of the joyful expression of our human nature. This is when the attitude of gratitude becomes passive, easy, effortless and a part of our every day routine, our way of being.

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion to clarity...Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow."- Melody Beattie

Gratitude: Keep Your Eye On The Hole!

"As you wander on through life, sister/brother, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut, and not upon the hole."
-Sign up in the Mayflower Coffee shop, Chicago

Learn to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Your sense of gratitude can keep you going, in spite of your current situation or results. When you live and stay connected, through continuous gratitude, your life improves, changes, and you become effective and efficient at harnessing the power of the law of attraction and other universal laws.

There is something very special about living in gratitude and acting as if, we can experience anything we desire, in spite of your current results. Each of us has our trials and tribulations, when we learn to feel grateful for everything, even our challenges, the world begins to bend around us.

It is really all about how you decide to look at things and where choose to direct your attention to.Today, take an opportunity to focus on all the good things that happen to you and all the good things in your life.

Tonight as you drift off to sleep, quietly say thank you for each and everything good thing in your day and life. You will feel so much more alive.

The Invisible Supply is Truly Infinite

"Spirit is substance which forms itself according to your demands, and must have a pattern from which to work. A pan of dough is as willing to be formed into bread as biscuit. It makes little difference to Spirit what we demand."
-Frances Larimer Warner,Our Invisible Supply: Part One, 1907

I love this concept, this is what the universal laws and law of attraction are all about. There is a universal substance of which all things are made, this substance is a thinking substance, which is always seeking further life expression and fulfillment. Think of that piece of grass that has found its way and is now sprouting out of between the concrete sidewalk, that is spirit, seeking advancement and further life.

Think of evolution, an animal species evolves when they find an opportunity for further life and advancement.This thinking substance is energy, it is God force. It is everywhere, 100% of the time at all times, we are all connected to it. We are connected to everything. Our thoughts cause this thinking substance, this universal life force, this infinite Spirit to attract things, people circumstances to us.

We are the co-creators of our life. We are responsible for our failures and our successes, no one else. What we focus on, what we think about, what we imagine is what we attract back to us. There is no such thing as lucky people. Those people who have attracted great relationships, love, success, wealth, a love of life, they have mastered the law of attraction, either consciously or subconsciously.

When you decide to learn, master and internalize this incredible information, life will start to change around you. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." (ref: 10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace )

As the quote says above, Spirit does not care and know big, vs small requests and thoughts, Spirit will respond to whatever it is that we focus on and how deeply we desire it. Spirit will attract to us everything that we need in order to accomplish our goals, as long as we hold our image in our minds, have a knowing that it is coming, eliminate all doubts and fears, and live in a continuous state of gratitude. This means living in full faith, that is faith with gratitude.

Essentially, being thankful for all of the blessings that are coming to us, even before they have arrived! I am so very grateful for my optimal health, my mind, my friends and family, my success and my ability to give back to the universe/God and inspire, empower and educate so many in beating chronic illness, living in optimal health and aspiring for a fuller life, one that is abundant in all good things.

Top 10 Mastermind Secrets to Law of Attraction

So you have read or watched "The Secret"... I have watched that movie about 40 times!
I have spent the last 4 years studying every book, seminar and website I can find to help me to master the Law of Attraction and other universal laws.
I have studied Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and the other Secret teachers.... I continue to learn...I continue to grow, my life continues to unfold and I continue to get better at mastering the Law of Attraction and other universal laws.

Here are the top 10 secrets of mastering the Law of Attraction, from these Masterminds....

1) Understand that you are connected. You are connected to everything and everyone. your attraction powers will be stronger when your goals are in alignment with the universal laws and the greater good for all.

2) You are a magnet, your thoughts allow you to literally attract everything you need to accomplish your goals."Because of the Law of Attraction, each of you is like a powerful magnet, attracting more of the way that you feel at any point in time."- Esther and Jerry Hicks

3) You are energy. You are made of the same stuff as the moon, stars, earth, pet, clothes on your back, chair you are sitting in.... we are all just forms of energy vibrating and moving at various frequencies...this is important because it ties into the fact that you are connected to everything and everyone.

4) You are a powerful co-creator. You have far more power than you realize. You have the same powerful creating faculties as the Diving intelligence that is equally everywhere at the same time. You have the ability to change your life, to create your desired future and you have unlimited potential! Live on the side of infinite possibilities and infinite potential!

5) Learn and master the universal laws. There are 7 primary laws. The SGR program is the best program to learn from. It will teach you all that you really need to know.

6) Thoughts affect your body. Thoughts preceed emotions, which lead to actions, it is these actions that cause a reaction (universal law of cause and effect) that is equal and opposite to what you put out.... this reaction changes the conditions, circumstance and environment of your life.... your results. Changing your results starts from choosing your thoughts and yes you have the God given ability to choose your own thoughts.

7) Choose your own thoughts... as stated above, you can choose your own thoughts independent of your observations or appearances. This can be tricky and some what confusing, it can cause anxiety, until you really develop a knowing that you are a creative being and absolutely can choose your own thoughts. This is the start of knowing the truth.

8) Seek knowledge, the Truth and higher levels of awareness. This becomes a spiritual journey. Tap into it, it is incredible. It will change your life!!!!!!!! Higher levels of awareness (there are 7) also taught in the SGR program, will absolutely allow you to become a mastermind.

9) Seek to serve others. Give without want. Give willingly. Thankfully receive. Live in gratitude for the ability to give and receive.

10) Understand the roles of the conscious and the unconscious mind in the attraction process. A person processes an average of 60,000 random thoughts each day... learn how to focus, find silence and develop your mind.

Ref: "The Law of Attraction" by Jerry and Esther Hicks, Secret Science to Getting Rich Program by Bob Proctor et al. and Jack Canfield's "key to the Living the Law of Attraction"

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Top 7 Barriers To Your Life Success

Top 7 Barriers to Your Life Success

On this blog and my Acquired Hope website I have posted various articles, references, quotations and resources all related to the achievement of life success and abundance in all areas of life. While I have been posting suggestions on what to do, I have not really posted on what not to do. So this post will focus on few of the top 7 reasons why people fail to achieve and do not reach life success.

In my studies and awareness, anyone can achieve life success, if they have the vision, focus and mindset. If they live in accordance with the universal laws, they will attract all that they need in order to accomplish their life goals. But if you focus on the qualities of not achieving, then success becomes difficult and you do not get the results, leading to desperation and you utlimately give up.

You will have your own set of ups and downs and its how you, think, feel and ultimately react or respond to the siutation that will determine your results.

1. Lack of Purpose and Plan
You might have heard this several times that’s if you do not have a Goal in life and plan for it, you will not achieve your results. This might be the most repetitive fact of not achieving success, but still I am going to reiterate the same to you too. I am so passionate about Goals that I tell every single person and ask them “What do you want”. There is no clarity in this for many people. Can you clearly tell me what do you want? Life still moves on even if you are not aware of what you want in your life, however the journey might not be smooth, might not be the way you want and will not get you satisfaction and a sense of achievement. My first chapter in Acquired Hope talks about life goal setting. Read it!

Even if you have a Life Goal, ensure that you have the right strategy to achieve the same. I know of many people who say ‘Yes yes I have a goal’, they fail to understand that they need some ways to achieve it. Sitting back and relaxing can never get the results;You must Act!

Click here if you need help with Life Goals or Planning.

2. Desire
Honestly, this has to come first even prior to setting Goals. Where is the fire in people? There is no purpose for their own life and they are not even curious about things of their life of what they have to achieve. They truly wish only to have the best, but there is no deep sense of desire. You need to kindle the fire in yourself. If not, let me assure you will never achieve anything in life, because you perceive that you have everything in life.

3. Do Not Feel You Deserve Success
I see people who think that they cannot achieve thing simple because they are not aware of what to do and how to do. This in itself is a hurdle that stops them from achieving the best in life. Imagine if you think that you cannot do something, whatever happens you will only perform average. Failure is not the end results but only a means to the end. If this is understood clearly then you will not feel bad and sad for the results you produce. You must feel you deserve it in order to attract it! Having high self esteem is perhaps the most important quality that you must posses. If only you had the thought that irrespective of whether you will win or lose, you will take your stride forward for achieving excellence will.

4. Knowledge & Skills
This might not be the key reason to be successful, but important because at some point in time you need develop knowledge and skills. While experiences give certain results, continuous learning’s are very important. We must raise our skills and knowledge. Learn and study the people who are successful and emulate them!!! Invest time, money and study! It is the best thing you can do. Like Steven Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says “Sharpen the Saw”. If you do not do this, you become obsolete and reaching your desired results becomes difficult.

5. Discipline: Make Success a Habit!
Are you one among those, who says “I do not have the time”? Success is a habit, its is not an occurrence or an accident. When you want to reach your ultimate Goal, you need to break them down into smaller chunks and you need to consistently achieve. You need to take action every single moment to make it big. When you want to achieve you set your own rules of the game. When you set the rules of the game of life, you must adhere to it. You do not do this, then how do expect to achieve the results you want? I doubt if you can ever do it.

Even the most successful person always finds time for their life goals they....have the same 24 hours day, how is that one person is able to achieve more than what is possible? Simple, they are disciplined and manage the time giving it more importance. The 5 minutes of planning of time will get 1 hour of free time every day, but many fail to plan this. There is a resource on this blog about time management, use it! Manage your activities and your goals.

6. Limiting Beliefs
Did you know the outcome you focus on is the outcome you will produce? Too many people are living in thoughts and paradigms of lack and limitation, they believe something is difficult or are not open to all the possibilities. When you limit the flow of abundance to you, all the possibilities of the universe cannot flow to you, you subconsciously stop them at the door. By thinking in limiting beliefs and not believing in infinite possibilities, you limit your ability to achieve life success.

7. Fear
One top most reason for lack of life success you know is fear. Where does this fear come from? Prior conditioning and paradigms. People dream and the dream remains only a dream and never becomes a reality because they refuse to take the step forward. You have nothing to lose, because you don’t have to feel embarrassed about things of life. If you do not experience pain, then you do not get the muscles growing when you hit the gym. You will have some amount of pain when you do things. People fail because they fail to put back that fear which is only between their ears (I mean the mind). Just break free from all those limitations of life!

CHANGE! This is one secret of people who are successful and also not successful. People are unwilling to change and accept that they need to change. People do not realize that the way to achieve things is by having a CHANGE in life. A Small change will create a huge difference in life. The Butterfly Effect says so, I wrote about the butterfly effect in my book "Acquired Hope", learn the butterfly effect, it will change your life!

If you are willing to make the small difference in your life, then your dreams becomes a reality. If you can avoid these and take a step forward then you will reach faster towards your Goals. Remember, life is a Miracle and not a surprise. Everything you need is already here and within you, you have the creative ability to attract it all! We can design our life the way we want to. If you can take control and drive with safety you can get what you want. Desire and be focused to achieve the best in life".... Expect only great things!! Live with a purpose and Lead a Life of Excellence.

FREE Lesson on Creating Wealth: Bob Proctor

FREE Lesson on Creating Wealth; SGR lesson 1: Bob Proctor, Mastermind

Here is an excerpt from the FREE Lessons from the Secret Science of Getting Rich (SGR) program by Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield of the incredibly popular Best Selling DVD and book

"The Secret".*****Why Does Wealth Lie in the Hands of a Few - While Large Numbers of Humanity Remain in a Perpetual State of Poverty?Millions of people are already using the Law of Attraction to make their lives successful. It's no longer a secret, but a household term that is rightfully being given the attention it deserves.

You too can learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" to create whatever you want in life - be it money, love or happiness - and generate abundance.But in this case, and indeed in the book that inspired The Secret, we're going to focus on generating abundance, money and wealth.Which of course, begs the question...Why Manifest Money First?

The Law of Attraction as explained in The Secret teaches how you can have, be and do whatever you want in life. So why focus on money?Money on its own is neither good nor bad. It is a means to an end. However, there is an urgent need for teaching the laws of creating money to the world.

Take any group of 100 people at the start of their working career and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age and here's what you'll find, according to the Social Security Administration:Only 1 will be wealthy4 will be financially secure5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to36 will be dead54 will be dead broke - dependent on the meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends and even charity for a minimum standard of living.That's 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.These, of course, are US statistics. In the rest of the world, especially the developing world, the situation is far worse. But What Makes this 5% Different?

There are millionaires with college degrees, and millionaires with little education.There are millionaires who were born rich. And there are millionaires who were once dead-broke and homeless.There are millionaires in developed countries, but also millionaires in poor nations. There are plumbers who are millionaires, and doctors who starve.

There is no single quality that stands out among the wealthy except ONE...The Wealthy People in the World Understand and Use the Law of Attraction in their Daily Lives.The millionaires understand that abundance is there for the taking. It is not a win-lose situation - there is enough for everyone.

We can all be rich.But humanity must learn to harness the correct thought process to attract wealth...Did you know that the Inspiration for the film - The Secret came from a simple little book written in 1910. It's called the "Science of Getting Rich" and its author was a man called Wallace D. Wattles.This is a summary of Wallace's book:There is a universal energy from which all things are made. This energy fills the entire universe.When you form a thought in your head, you tap into this energy, and you actually create that which you are thinking about. Mankind has the ability to create a thought and cause the subject of the thought to be created within this field of Universal Energy.

To activate this ability, we must learn to harness our creative mind. Typically, we function with our competitive mind. But to create things with thought, we need to activate the creative mind.We can come into harmony with this Universal energy through the act of expressing gratitude. Gratitude unifies our mind with this all encompassing Universal energy.To manifest something new, simply hold an image of what you seek in your mind. And express gratitude to the Universe for having granted this to you.

To achieve wealth, apply this same principle - hold a clear vision of the wealth you hope to attain. Then express gratitude that this wealth is coming to you. You must have unwavering faith and devout gratitude.All that you include in your mental image will come to you through the physical realm - through the process of natural ways such as trade and commerce.To claim this wealth, you must be active. You must do all that you can do each day to make this vision a reality. Especially strive to deliver to others something of value greater than what they paid you for.

Those who practice these instructions will get rich. And the riches they receive will be in the exact proportion to the definiteness of their vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadiness of their faith, and the depth of their gratitude.Click here for the FULL FREE Lesson and 6 other powerful lessons, you have nothing to lose, these lessons are free, you have everything to gain!!!