Friday, May 30, 2008

Master the Law of Attraction: FREE Report

The teachers on The Secret know something, they understand how to master the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws. I have been studying these laws for years, I keep attracting more information and I keep getting better at manifesting my dreams. In order to become an effective co-creator, you have to learn the Secret to applying, internalizing and living the Law of Attraction. So many people don't understand or work at the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from manifesting their dreams.

Additionally, many people do not know the techniques that add power and energy to the creative process. There is information everywhere, you just need to attract it and study it.

I recently found this terrific website and FREE Law of Attraction report. Read it, use it, master the Law of Attraction!

The greatest minds in the history knew why and how the secret works. They knew they could change the reality of universe to manifest their most inconceivable desires into life; what ordinary people call miracles.

Here's what the greatest physicist in the history said about this Secret...

"Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one."
Albert Einstein

Learn to see the illusion we call reality and really get to know actuality. That is when you find truth!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top 10 Secrets to Mastering the Law of Attraction

So you have read or watched "The Secret"... I have watched that movie about 40 times!

I have spent the last 4 years studying every book, seminar and website I can find to help me to master the Law of Attraction and other universal laws. I have studied Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and the other Secret teachers.... I continue to learn...I continue to grow, my life continues to unfold and I continue to get better at mastering the Law of Attraction and other universal laws.

Here are the top 10 secrets of mastering the Law of Attraction, from these Masterminds....

1) Understand that you are connected. You are connected to everything and everyone. your attraction powers will be stronger when your goals are in alignment with the universal laws and the greater good for all.

2) You are a magnet, your thoughts allow you to literally attract everything you need to accomplish your goals.

"Because of the Law of Attraction, each of you is like a powerful magnet, attracting more of the way that you feel at any point in time."
- Esther and Jerry Hicks

3) You are energy. You are made of the same stuff as the moon, stars, earth, pet, clothes on your back, chair you are sitting in.... we are all just forms of energy vibrating and moving at various frequencies...this is important because it ties into the fact that you are connected to everything and everyone.

4) You are a powerful co-creator. You have far more power than you realize. You have the same powerful creating faculties as the Diving intelligence that is equally everywhere at the same time. You have the ability to change your life, to create your desired future and you have unlimited potential! Live on the side of infinite possibilities and infinite potential!

5) Learn and master the universal laws. There are 7 primary laws. The SGR program is the best program to learn from. It will teach you all that you really need to know.

6) Thoughts affect your body. Thoughts preceed emotions, which lead to actions, it is these actions that cause a reaction (universal law of cause and effect) that is equal and opposite to what you put out.... this reaction changes the conditions, circumstance and environment of your life.... your results. Changing your results starts from choosing your thoughts and yes you have the God given ability to choose your own thoughts.

7) Choose your own thoughts... as stated above, you can choose your own thoughts independent of your observations or appearances. This can be tricky and some what confusing, it can cause anxiety, until you really develop a knowing that you are a creative being and absolutely can choose your own thoughts. This is the start of knowing the truth.

8) Seek knowledge, the Truth and higher levels of awareness. This becomes a spiritual journey. Tap into it, it is incredible. It will change your life!!!!!!!! Higher levels of awareness (there are 7) also taught in the SGR program, will absolutely allow you to become a mastermind.

9) Seek to serve others. Give without want. Give willingly. Thankfully receive. Live in gratitude for the ability to give and receive.

10) Understand the roles of the conscious and the unconscious mind in the attraction process. A person processes an average of 60,000 random thoughts each day... learn how to focus, find silence and develop your mind.

Ref: "The Law of Attraction" by Jerry and Esther Hicks, Secret Science to Getting Rich Program by Bob Proctor et al. and Jack Canfield's "key to the Living the Law of Attraction"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Co-Creator

Did you know that you are far more powerful than you realize? You are co-creating your life, your success, your relationships, your failures.

You are co-creating everything in your life. Once you fully understand and accept this, you can use this knowledge to work for you and not against you. The Universe is a mirror, it produces an image of you, your thoughts and your actions. Becoming aware of this power is the secret to manifesting your dreams, ideal relationships, spiritual growth, optimal health and prosperity.

You have infinite potential, infinite opportunities. You can do anything you set your mind to, if you are willing to focus, practice discipline and work on your skill of being a powerful co-creator.

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The game of life is the game of boomerangs. our thoughts, deeds and word return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy."
-Florence Shinn

Here are 10 Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Co-Creator:

1) Believe that you have the ability to change your life.

2) Understand that the universe is held in place by a Higher, Divine Intelligence, this intelligence is every where, at all times in equal amounts. Every single cell in your body is connected to this universal intelligence.

3) Thoughts affect your body and preceed your results. This is why attitude is so important, if you have a positive thought energy, you will produce positive actions and therefore positive results in your life.

4) You have the ability to choose your own thoughts. If a message on tv, the radio or a friend is not in harmony with your goals and dreams, you have the ability to reject that thought. Choose and accept only thoughts that are in harmony with you and your purpose.

5) Stay on purpose. When you are on purpose, and your purpose is in harmony with universal laws, you become so powerful, as the universe will bring everything you require to acheive those goals. This is masterful co-creating!

6) Learn, master and live by the universal laws. You can only succeed if you do. Then things become effortless and flow to you. That is where the magic is.

7) Focus on giving without want, serving others and the universe. Your purpose should serve the greater good.

8) Release negative thought patterns. This may involve techniques of reconditioning. Work at this!

9) Practice techniques of effective actions, write your goals out, state positive affirmations, add emotion to your goals, use a vision board, meditate, make a list, use visualization techniques.

10) Live in the light, light always overcomes darkness. When you live in the light, the positive side, the higher vibration, the way of the inspired, joyful and blissful, you become powerful beyond measure.

"What the mind of man can concieve, and believe, the mind of man can achieve."
-Napolean Hill