Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5 A's to an Abundant and Successful Life

The 5 A’s to create a full and successful life:

1) Abundance: life expression includes the mind, body and spirit. Life is always for advancement, growth and increase. Life expression is always for fuller life. Life is meant to be abundant in all ways, in the mind, body and spirit. Focus on abundance, there is only abundance. Do not think of or focus on lack, limitation or anything bad or negative, this includes eliminating these words from your vocabulary: “I cannot” and “yeah butt….” Life, the universe is abundant, remove your self from any and all thoughts that are focused on limitation, lack or competition.

2) Awareness: A successful and full life is one of awareness. There are 7 levels of awareness. As you become more aware and learn to attract more abundance to you, you will gain experience and expertise in your actions and become a mastermind of success.

3) Attraction: The natural law of attraction, is really the law of vibration. Attraction is by way of how we obtain our results. Past, present and future. Learn, practice and master the concepts of the law of attraction so that you become a co-creator of your results. If you do not like your results, you do have the conscious ability and awareness to change your results. You do this my changing your thoughts, feelings and actions from the inside in order to create new results. As these new results become more familiar, they will become your new paradigm or point of attraction. By the natural laws, cause of effect and vibration, you will obtain these new results, review the natural laws including “energy is” and its 7 subsidiary laws.

4) Action: Did you notice that the last half of the word attraction is action? Your actions affect what and who you attract into you life. It is critical that you focus on abundant thoughts and feelings in order to inspire abundant actions, that is how you attract abundance to you. You can choose your thoughts, if this concept is new to you, internalize it now, your thoughts then cause your feelings. We use our emotional guidance system to let us know whether or not we are in alignment with the natural laws of the universe, ourselves and our Higher Power/God/Universe. When we feel good, we are in alignment, when we do not have good feelings, we are not in alignment. We have the capacity to use your conscious mind to change our thoughts in order to create positive feelings, those feelings that raise our vibration. Our feelings cause our actions, then according to the natural law of cause and effect, our actions cause a reaction, that is attraction. This reaction changes our results. The only way you can change our results is by changing our thoughts, feelings and actions that cause new reactions and new results. This can only happen from the inside. Open your mind, and heart and work on performing inspired actions in order to change your results. Expand your mind, grow your success and lead a life of fuller life expression. Your heart only opens from the inside.

5) Attitude: the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Your composite attitude produces your results and your paradigm or conditioning. You have the conscious ability to reject or accept your thoughts in order to create the experience, journey or results that you desire. Your attitude MUST be congruent. You must have a FIT attitude and a FAT attitude. Read on for a FIT and FAT attitude, most of all, make sure your attitude is Abundant!

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