Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Live in the Now!

Live in the Now: life is a journey, enjoy the journey do not focus on the destination. That is also a message in a movie I saw recently "The Peaceful Warrior"...very good!

There are only three: past, PRESENT, future. It's been said that most folks only spend 1% of their life in the present. Allow and demand of yourself to be fully present in the moment. Those that do live in the present are the small percentage that choose their results and make things happen.

Reject thinking that doesn't support your chosen writing objective, including rejecting non-article related mental chatter (your kids soccer game, your workout tonight, your relationships with others, your toys, etc). Your goal is to zero in on the task in front of you. Enter the zone. Deny all incoming calls. Don't check your email. Move to a place and time you can write without being disturbed. When you become fully present, endeavor to live and the Universe will bend around you. You will be happier, more focused, fullfilled and successful at whatever you do.


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