Friday, November 2, 2007

Mentors: Move Ahead Quickly

No one moves ahead quickly without significant help from others. Those who have mentors advance more rapidly professionally and personally. But mentoring may not be what you think it is. We all have mentors. We all have many mentors. Sometimes it is just becoming aware of who your mentors are.

Mentors are people in your life who listen, encourage, support, challenge and advise you. They provide direction. They help you to take a look at your situation or issue from a different perspective and help you to see the possibilities and options that you did not see initially. They allow you to make an informed and thoughtful decision and assist in problem solving to increase your confidence, strengthen your abundant attitude. They provide you respect.

Two decades of intensive research has proven what we all know intuitively: those who have significant relationships with people they consider mentors advance more rapidly professionally and personally. They become aware and learn the attributes of successful, fruitful and highly energetic people. No one advances forward quickly without significant help from others.

Traditionally, we think of mentors as our boss, a superior who may be training us for a higher position within an organization. We need to shift our thinking to a more collaborative, developmentally focused view of mentoring. We need to open our minds to who we may consider mentors in our lives. Our mentors may be friends, co workers, family, authors or clergy. We all have potential mentors around us each and every day. This team of potential mentors has our personal growth and development in mind and of which any of them are experienced and able to guide us or provide direction.

When you are in need of assistance or guidance making an important decision or obtaining knowledge on a certain skill, task or career, it is recommended that you create a mentor list. On the left hand side of a piece of paper, list the current issues or opportunities. On the right hand side, list the names of people you know or trust to help you to make a confident and purposeful decision. Do not worry so much about matching the people up; just put the names on the paper. Think with an open mind. Try to come up with 10-15 names. Next, reflect on each person, what they like, how they form their opinions, what experience or expertise they offer and what you admire about them. Remember, one does not need to be an expert in an area in order to offer you good sound advice on your personal or professional development. Develop a team of mentors and advance your success and abundant attitude in record timing.

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