Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Managing Our Three Resources

Here is another neat thing to think about:

We need resources to live, improve, advance, succeed and give back to others. Yet we really only have three resources: Time, Money and Energy.

In reality we can only manage and increase one of them. We want to increase these resources so we can lead fuller, more productive lives and better serve others. Do you know which one of the three resources we can manage and increase?!?!?!

I found this rather interesting... time, despite all those books and courses on time management, time cannot be managed. We always have 24 hours in a day, no more, no less, you cannot increase time. Therefore time cannot be managed. Now, activities can be managed but activities are not a resource.

Energy cannot be increased, remember back in physics class, where potential energy and kinetic energies of an object are always equal, energy is, it is neither created nor destroyed... it just is .... when a ice cube melts to water, the energy of the molecules is the same, although they are no moving at a hiher velocity. So energy cannot be increased and it cannot be managed.

So, that leaves money, money is the only resource that we have that we can manage and increase. The sources are abundant. So if we want to increase our resources so that we lead fuller lives, become more successful professionals, expand our practices and business offerings, better serve our patients and communities, we need to learn how to increase this resource, how to make more money, how to create and attract wealth. When you think about it for a while, it makes sense.... I am fascinated by the information out there. Thank you again for letting me share my thoughts with you all!

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