Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Think And Grow Rich" FREE EBook

Read the incredible and brillant book by Napolean Hill "Think and Grow Rich", this book has inspired and guided the most famous, successful people to adopt the mindset that allows the abundance of wealth and success to flow.I have posted the free ebook, along with Wallace D Wattles "Science of Getting Rich" on my Acquired Hope website.

Did you know that it was this little green book that inspired the DVD "The Secret"????? yep.... if you have seen the Secret and are still trying to master the law of attraction, take these FREE lessons on the Law of Attraction, given by Bob Proctor himself. It really does work!

Remember, wealth is a mindset, it starts there. If you don't think, feel and act like you are attracting wealth, opulence and abundance, it cannot flow to you. Allow the money to flow to you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Save Your A$$ on Gas: Run Any Car on Water Just $49 (limited time)

Here is a great way to save 40% on gas money, improve the efficiency of your car and double your gas mileage, all while more importantly saving the environment: this site provides a fuel cell to convert your car to run on water. I researched this a bit and the fuel cell technology is legit and appears to be the futute, jump on and give back to the universe by protecting it!

P.S. This product is only $49 for a limited time.... think of how quickly you'll pay that off!

Heres another one! Water For Gas