Thursday, November 8, 2007

Aptitude: Unleashing Your Creative Powers

Creativity is an aptitude that everyone possesses, yet not everyone fully expresses. Independent of what your individual talents are, you use creativity everyday in how you approach and perceive life situations, issues and people. The difference between people who use their creative power to choose their results and manifest outcomes they desire lies in the degree or depth of their belief and in what ways they decide to use creativity in daily life and the thought process.

Aptitude in relation to creativity means the ability to create new ideas and thoughts from the inside, regardless of the appearance or influence of external factors by combining, changing or reapplying ones that already exist. It allows you to take from what you already know and build on it, to create an experience that is new and different, yet out of past experiences to get new results.

Aptitude develops out of awareness and develops as one gains experience and advances towards the Mastermind level.

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