Sunday, November 11, 2007

Choose Your Results: See What Others Are Saying

I recently took a survey of those individuals who had taken the free e-course: These are the benefits they reported:

*More harmonious relationships in all areas of life
*Increased job satisfaction
*Resolution/improvement of health issues
*Optimal health and higher levels of performance
*Improved social life
*Reduced stress and anxiety levels
*Elimination of chronic pain and fatigue
*Improved financial affairs, greater wealth and prosperity
*Rapid career advancement
*Heightened energy levels and vitality
*Increased confidence and self esteem
*More joy in everyday living
*Enhanced self-awareness
*Ability to Co-create ones life goals and dreams
*Ability to consistently manifest personal goals and intentions
*Development and refinement of "ultimate life purposes"
*Improved "Ways of Being"
*Living in harmony with Universal Laws, Law of Attraction and others


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