Sunday, November 4, 2007

Expand Your Awareness

Expand Your Awareness
So how does one become more aware and learn how to work at their full potential and realize their goals? They progress through the seven levels of awareness. These levels are as follows:

Our first level of awareness is our animal awareness, this level is innate, we are aware of ourselves and others, we are aware of the needs to sustain life. At this level, life is pretty much managed by subconscious instincts.

The second level of awareness is the mass level. This is where an individual's awareness remains quite limited. Their decisions are based upon what everyone else is doing, they do not think for themselves. These people have thoughts, feelings and core beliefs that are based on the external world and other people. They conform, they follow the masses. These people do not choose their own thoughts. The majority of people, more than half, are at this level and stay at this level their entire life time. These individual do not use creative thought. Most of them are not happy with their current results.

The third level of awareness is aspiration. This is where an individual becomes aware of deep feelings and desires that may be different than that of what everyone else is doing and they start to explore these feelings, desires and thoughts. They are wanting more, they want further growth and development professionally and personally, they aspire to be more. This is when they want to break away from the masses and become an individual.

The fourth level of awareness is the individual level or stage. This is where a person uses creative thought to create their own identity statement; this is the who, what and the why, their ultimate purpose in life, their own personal “because”. This is the level where they figure out their passion, their goals, their dreams and their plans, and this purpose is unique to that individual. These are the individual reasons and purposes that drive us.

A fair percentage of individuals make it to these 3rd and 4th levels, unfortunately for many, limiting beliefs, poor self esteem, lack of confidence, feelings of doubt or other negative emotions keep many people here and they are unable to break free to the next levels of awareness. These individuals who remain in these levels never really quite get the results they desire or reach their goals efficiently or timely. These people do not get or maintain a congruent attitude of abundance. As we discussed in secret #3, 2 of the 3 congruence variable do not cut it, you will not achieve success unless you remain congruent.

The next level of awareness is discipline. This is where an individual becomes aware of how to use thought, goals, planning, and desire to manifest the outcomes and results they want. Those with discipline to stay on course, steadfast towards their goals, no matter what is happening around them or what other people (the masses) are saying to or about them, those that learn, study, practice and habituate the science of success and wealth reach this level. Many drop out here and fail to progress beyond this point due to lack of discipline or lack of congruence or give up too soon before their results manifest, often times just before they reach their goals. Those that move on to the next level of awareness practice these habits of success are rewarded. They are successful in choosing their results.

Stop a moment and take an opportunity to think about why we want to aspire for more, it is to better serve others and to live a fuller life. Those individuals who have a strong desire to do things better move forward through the various levels of awareness.

The 6th level of awareness is experience. Through the study and habituation of the skills and knowledge of how to become successful and wealthy, and through steadfast discipline, one will begin to see how the process works. When they see the results they desire manifest, they will become stronger in how they practice and do more of the same. When they do not see the results they desire, they will change what they are doing, practice with discipline until they see the results they desire.

The 7th level of awareness is becoming a mastermind. Only a very small percentage of the population reaches this point. These individuals have learned the science of success, they understand how the science and process works, they have fine tuned their practices and habits based on their experience and are extremely effective at attracting success, resources, people and even wealth. They are very effective and efficient in reaching their goals, receiving their desires and manifesting the results that they want. They choose their results.

Think of the capacity of helping others, serving others better and achieving your desires, when you can choose your results. Think of the positive impact you can have on your life and other peoples' lives when you are a mastermind. Every one of us reading this article has the mental facilities and capacity to become a mastermind.

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Choose to become a mastermind, raise your awareness!

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