Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life is Abundant in This Economy: 3 Sure Ways to Make Extra Cash!

This blog focuses on Well-Being, that meaning optimal health, wealth (which means well being), prosperity (which means according to Hope) and freedom.

In many ways having the time and energy to maintain optimal health, to live fully in mind, body and spirit and to continue to unfold spiritually, one must have financial freedom.
I enjoy attracting abundance in my life and it is my passion to share with you what I learn so that you too can see all the infinite opportunities to attract wealth and therefore health and complete well being, even in this rough economy. I fundamentally believe, even in these rough times, there are people who continue to create abundance and make lots of money...I want to be one of them! I want freedom so that I can focus on my well-being, my health, my body, my meaning ful relationships, my spirit.
SO, Here are Three Sure Ways to Attract Abundance to You & Earn Extra Cash:
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2) Work At Home Income Opportunities: these are great! Easy, simple work that can be done from a computer any where...any time. Make extra passive income while you sleep, before you work or on the weekends.... extra cash to keep you abundant and feeling abundant despite the crashing world economy...Here are 2 legit, proven sites on Work at Home Opporuntities, each company has been reviewed and rated. They are very good: and
You can set up affiliate programs, work at hom businesses, do work at home jobs and even easy and instant cash from doing cash surveys. Some cash surveys pay $40-$100 an hour for your time, that is mindless work!
3) Study the Universal Law of Abundance and Other Universal Laws. I have learned the true secret in life is living in harmony with these universal laws! These are time honored spiritual laws tha govern the universe. But.... we never learn them. So most of us spend our lives working against them. Change the tide, flow with the abundance, learn to live in harmony with these laws...Bob Proctor (The Secret Teacher) tells it best.... Once you learn and obey these laws, income, abundance and all good things comes more easily and effortlessly...Read more on the Universal Laws, the 11 forgotten Universal Laws.
Learn why The Law of Attraction by itself is not effective!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Law of Attraction Not Working For You? Read This

Finally Bob Proctor teaches us why the law of attraction by itself is not the answer, mastering the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction requires living in harmony with all of the Universal Laws, Learn, Master and Live the 11 forgotten Universal Laws!

Read more about the 11 Forgotten Universal Laws....

New year, old results?‏

If you haven't got The 11 Forgotten Laws yet, I hope you're not making the same mistake as every one else by making New Year resolution lists. Why? Because you need a manifestation list! You've probably been writing resolution lists year after year... but has that helped you live the life of your dreams yet?
To live the life your dreams, the first step is a manifestation- NOT a resolution - list. I'm sure you already know that in order to attract what you want, you have to first write it down.
The second step is putting the Law of Attraction into action, and what better way than with The 11 ForgottenLaws from Bob Proctor? Because what makes you think that with the same information and the same attitude that you had in 2008, that you will be able to get different resultswith the Law of Attraction in 2009? That's why I want to strongly encourage you to start your new year with new resources so you can finally manifest all your desires, even when the economy is supposed to be at an all time low.
That's why I don't want to WISH you a Happy New Year. I want to give you the choice to MAKE a Happy New Year.
PS: Here's what one person has said: "There are a lot of books and teachings out there that kinda teach you how to work with the laws and what to do but there’s not one [like The 11 Forgotten Laws] that interprets them and shows you how to use them in your life. What do I do day by day? How do I use these in my life? So I would encourage all of you to take the chance and the 0pportunity and make that transformation and really find out how you can achieve whatever you want in your life." -- Genie Calen Barat
Read more on the 11 Forgotten Laws and make yourself recession proof!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exercise with Positive Affirmations to Create Optimal Health & Well-Being

This is an exercise on how to get the most out of your affirmative thoughts.

1. Write your affirmative thoughts down.
2. Make your affirmations clear and concise.
3. Make your affirmations detailed.
4. Make your affirmations appropriate and believable. For example if you lost a limb, you would not expect that limb to actually grow back, but you would affirm that you were reaching higher and higher levels of function.
5. Describe your affirmations as if they are already true, as if the end result has already occurred.
6. State them in the present “I” form. Make them personal, in the first person.
7. Only state what you want, not what you do not want.
8. Do not focus on lack or limitations, only on a fuller recover or advancing of self expression.
9. Say them out loud, shout them if you feel comfortable.
10. Place them all over the house, on the computer, in the refrigerator, in the kitchen cabinets on the mirror-places where you will see them, read them and repeat them often and continuously during your day.
11. Attach strong positive emotions to your affirmations to ignite them with, energy and power. Emotions add amazing power to your thoughts and speeds up the manifestation of that thought into your experience.
12. Visualize the affirmation. Close your eyes and see the end result.
13. Repeat your affirmations. Repetition is key to implanting your affirmations into your subconscious. Say them over and over.
14. Record your affirmations on a CD and listen to them as you are falling asleep. You may prefer to play them on an endless loop tape that just continues to repeat over and over all night so you can pick up the message into your subconscious.
15. Believe you can achieve it; believe it is coming to you. When your desires or your affirmations are in conflict with your imagination, your imagination invariably wins and you push away your desires. You cannot hold two contradictory beliefs in your mind at one time, your mind will attempt to harmonize and will accept your stronger belief which most often times is the negative default pattern. Your desires cannot come to you when you have conflicting desires or thoughts.. Start stretching your imagination, little by little and believe in your heart and soul that it is true. Stretch, do not snap your imagination, and make your affirmations believable to you. Make your affirmations your default pattern of thinking.

Sample Affirmations to achieve optimal health and well-being:
· I am open to receiving even more health and function.
· I am feeling better and stronger each and every day.
· Good health comes to me in a large flow of abundance.
· Everyday I am getting healthier and stronger.
· I deserve good health and function.
· I am now pain free.
· I am now free from addiction.
· I am a health magnet.
· Good health flows to me easily and frequently.
· The flow of good health is opening up to me more and more each day.
· Everyday I experience greater health than the day before.

Excerpt from "Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment"

Using Positive Affirmations Effectively

Affirmations are nothing more than a string of words, however, which will not make a difference unless you know how to use them for maximum effectiveness. When you give you positive affirmations power and energy, they take off, go out into the universe and attract back to you all the health that you desire. You must give them power and energy in order to get your results. You must believe them to be true. This may go against your current logic; you may play a tennis match in your mind, for awhile. However, you must believe your affirmative thoughts to be true in order for them to work. As the Bible says:

Whatsoever thing ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye have received it, and it will be yours.”

Affirmation, is the metaphysical term for Prayer, so it is true to say, “if you believe your desire has already come to you, is must appear, it must come to you.” First, become aware of your negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. Second, believe your affirmative thoughts to be true. Lastly, give your affirmative thoughts power and energy. There are two ways to give your affirmative thoughts power and energy: repetition and emotion.
Repeat your affirmations often. Say your affirmative thoughts in the morning, during the day and at night. Write them down. Post them throughout the house so you see and read them continuously. Make them your default pattern or way of thinking. When you notice these positive affirmations running through your mind in the middle of the night and in your dreams, that is when you know you are on the right track. That means your affirmative thoughts are now running through your subconscious. Focus on what you do want, not on what you do not want, do not focus on lack or limitations, focus on the end result of your ultimate desire, to feel good, to be healthy and well.

Additionally, fill your affirmative thoughts with positive emotions. Feel the love, joy, passion and hope with every affirmative thought that you have. Think of how it feels to be loved, that unconditional love, from your partner, child, or pet. Feel the warmth in your heart. Remember that feeling. When you practice and repeat your affirmative thoughts, feel the warmth in your heart, feel the health, feel the joy of having good health, believe it is on its way to you right now, the affirmation must go into your subconscious and become a knowing. Using strong emotions is a powerful way to give your affirmations the energy they require to send them out to the universe or your Higher Power and speedily attract your desires back to you.

You can have anything you want…. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.”
-Sheila Graham

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