Friday, November 2, 2007

Optimal Health: It is Possible, Read On

Optimal Health: Nutritional Supplements are Recommended
I have read many research articles over the last few years. The reserach indicates that an attention to optimal nutrition is also critical for reaching and maintaining optimal levels of abundant health. The research, the medical journals, they all say the same thing, today’s food is overprocessed and our dietary intake is clearly deficient of all of the essential nurtrients that we need for proper healing and the attainment and maintainment of optimal health.

We live in a world where technology, insecticides, processing, polluted and overchemicalized foods are so deficient in nutrients, that no matter how well we eat, we cannot possibly get all the nutrients we need to heal much less maintain optimal health. Much of the food we buy today goes through approx. 40 different processes before we eat it, each of which reduces nutritional value. U.S. agencies use 3,000 chemicals to add to our foods to rpesever them for long durations of shipping and storage, that americans consume 5 pounds of toxic chemicals each year, all of these synthetic and in our foods.

Vitamins Are Necessary in Your Recovery and for Optimal Health:
If you want to stay sick or just get by with your health, then Do Not take vitamins. If however you would like to be in optimal health and beat chronic illness, then it is necessary to take vitamin supplements every day.

Why take Vitamins:
Vitamins enhance the body’s natural ability to restore and maintain function and good health. They add to the body’s ability to self heal. Our foods are so depelted from essential vitamins and minerals that we are deluded into thinking that if we eat properly we’ll get the vitamins we need. With our technological society, this is no longer possible. I have read numerous articles on this topic and they all say the same thing. Our lifestyles tend to include polluted air, over indulging in fast foods and caffiene drinks, all of these things deplete the body of its natural supply of these critical building blocks.

In addition, because of our illness, we have had to take drugs for years, which also deplete the body of essential health. For example, we are all pretty familiar with the adverse effects of prednison, damagin pretty much all systems in the body, I was on it for 3 years straight. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory meds greatly deplete the body of Vitamin C. In addition all drugs have some deliterious affect on the body and place stress on the body alson increasing the need for vitamin B complex. The mere stress from coping with the illness can cause fear, anxiety, doubt, these negative emotions have been shown to over tax the body, specifically our adrenal glands which skyrocket our nutritional needs.

If you desire optimal health, you MUST focus on good nutrition. You MUST take vitamins.

Which Vitamins to Take:
I have tried various vitamins and supplements over the past few years and have spent the time, money and energy researching. I will pass along my findings to you, but please explore options that best meet your needs! Stay away from cheap grocery store brands, they are poorly made and do not absorb well. Invest in your body and take vitamin supplements that truly provide good nutritional support.

I have found incredible results and felt more energy and vitality from taking the Glyconutrients. These supplements are designed to improve our cellular communication and facilitate healing, and what is the most common cause of most diseases? A break down in blood flow and insuffient nutrients to enable effective and health cellular response and communication.

Please, do your research, but I want to pass along, these products are the ONLY nutritional products that I felt improvement from. And believe me, I tried dozens. But if you want to beat your chronic illness and achieve optimal health, TAKE VITAMINS OF SOME KIND!!!! Please!!!!

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