Sunday, November 4, 2007

Life is Meant To Be Abundant!

This may be an abstract concept for many. It took me awhile to accept it when I first heard it, and I had to study and study the concept until I believed it myself. It goes against what many of us have been told or taught all of our lives. Whether you were raised in a family with a poverty mindset or grew up experiencing continuous financial issues or if you are currently still trading your time for money in your job as you try to pay off your debt. The truth is really that there is no such thing as lack or limitation, there is enough money in the world for all of us to be rich, wealthy and prosperous. This is the truth for you even if it is not in front of you at this exact moment. If you do not believe this, you push against it and it then wealth cannot come into your experience. You will remain poor and unsuccessful.

So mastering the secret to success and the ability to choose your results starts in having the mindset and belief that life is meant to be abundant and there is an abundance of opportunity for you! You were meant to have everything and anything that you desire. Learn to reject thoughts of scarcity, limitation, lack and poverty. Fill your mind with thoughts and images of wealth, prosperity, success and the luxuries of financial freedom. When you do, you will start the magnetic process of attracting wealth to you. You will magnetically attract resources, money, people opportunities that support you and provide you with everything that you need to live a life of abundance. You can start to realize a result of success and wealth, you can choose a result that is different than the one you currently have.

I used to think that wealth and prosperity belonged only to people that I considered exceptional or better than me. I grew up in a family with a poverty, scarcity mindset, that there was never enough to go around. My parents used to say, "life is not fair", "life is hard", "money makes people mean". The truth is, that none of those statements are true. They are purely excuses and limiting beliefs, a conditioning that was probably passed down to my parents from their parents or other external influences like schools, newspapers, television or society.

Life is meant to be abundant!!!! Endeavor to believe it and live as such!

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