Sunday, November 4, 2007

Alpha Attractor: Mastering the Law of Attraction

Alpha Attractor: Mastering the Law of Attraction
In order to be an effective attractor, you must become an alpha attractor. An alpha attractor has taken the time to study, practice, internalize and live the law of attraction. An Alpha attractor is so good at mastering the law of attraction that he or she can literally attract new customers and opportunities to his or her business just by applying this universal law. It works! It is absolutely true. When you really start to study life success and personal development you learn that whatever you give focus to expands. Some of the greatest historians, business professionals and inventors in the world understood this concept, the law of attraction and hence they were able to accomplish phenomenal things and achieve tremendous success.

They understood something. They understood the law of attraction. Applied education provides the keys to the kingdom!

99% of millionaires are not born and not made by others, they are self-made. Success leaves clues behind. Every single successful entrepreuner should spend hours training their minds to think the thoughts that lead to abundance and those that make them an alpha attractor.
Master the law of attraction to automatically, easily and effortlessly attract customers, information, money and opportunities to you. You cannot fake this, you must learn it and live it. and

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