Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Law of Attraction: Miracles of Healing

Law of Attraction
Understanding the Law of Attraction is most critical to your success in recovering and acquiring hope. Simply put the Law of Attraction states that “I attract into my life whatever I give my energy, focus and attention to, whether unwanted or wanted or conscious or unconscious.” This means that you can have anything you choose, no matter how big it is. This means if we learn how to apply the law of attraction, we can learn how to achieve miracles of healing. We can achieve greater levels of function and recovery.

The Law of Attraction works because we all have one infinite Power; a God, Higher Power or Universe, and that we all guide ourselves by laws; natural laws of the universe, such as the law of gravity and the law of attraction. The law of attraction can best be described as a magnetic force, that like thoughts attract like experiences. That these laws of nature are so precise, that when man thinks about things, he or she can accomplish miracles. The law of attraction says that everything in your life is attracted to you by your thoughts. The Universe takes these thoughts as instructions, and manifests what you think about and focus on, into your life’s experience.

For example, if you think and focus about how sick, tired and emotionally strained you are, you will become sicker, tired and emotionally strained. The more you think and focus on your current situation, wanted or unwanted, the more tolerable or intolerable your situation will become. If you worry and are angry about your loss of function and pain from your illness or about not having good health, you are practically guaranteeing yourself an experience of lack of health. If you are constantly jealous and bitter towards others, as they have health and you do not, you are going to attract more jealousy and bitterness into your experience. What you resist persists and what you fear perseveres.

Our Thoughts have Frequencies
Our thoughts have frequencies, so when you think about or imagine what you want, such as good health, the ability to exercise, the ability to feel good, your thoughts go out to the universe or Higher Power and the universe or Higher Power brings it to you. So if you see yourself living in a healthy body, you will attract this into your experience. So whether you are thinking about your past experiences, your present situation or your future, and whether you are remembering, observing or imagining, the universe or Higher Power is listening and responding by bringing that thought and those things right back to you.

Attracting Thoughts and Things by Using your Mind
Your mind is a sender and receiver of information far beyond the five senses. You can attract thoughts and things into your life, just by using your mind. Think about driving on some remote country road. You try scanning your radio to find a new radio station for some good traveling music. Until you tune into a station, you will not hear the music. But that does not mean that it is not already out there, nor that other people are not already listening to it. The same principle applies to whatever you are attracting into your life. What you are experiencing is dependent upon what frequencies your thoughts are emitting their information on. When you send it out thoughts or information, a message to the Universe or Higher Power, by the power and vibrations of your mind and of your thoughts, you will attract it back to you, into your experience. It is quite a complex theory the first time you hear and consider it. But as you think about it and look around into your world, you will see that indeed this is true. Learn to use information to attract better an abundance of all good things to your life. Visit www.AcquiredHope.com and www.AcquireAbundance.com for free resources and programs.

Chronic Ways of Thought
If one has a prolonged negative chronic way of thinking about their illness, according to the law of attraction, these thoughts will manifest into existence. Their experience will be that of chronic illness and lack. If one is thinking about how bad it is, then they will get more of how bad it is. If one is thinking of how good it is, then they will get more of how good it is. If one is thinking of how good their health is, they will have more good health. If one can accept and practice this concept, one can transform their life.

The key concept to take away is that we are all the architects of our life, good or bad. All of our problems are created by us and us alone, not by your parents, partner, boss, friends, accident, disease, upbringing or family. All of our successes were created by us and us alone, not by luck or chance. We have created them, each and every one. This may be really difficult to accept if this is the first time you are hearing this concept. But once you do, your life can transform into a whole new world, with unlimited possibilities and success, good health, hope and joy.
Life is full of challenges, when faced with a chronic illness or injury, one can either focus on lack and feel blame, or learn from their situation. One can be a victim or a victor. When one chooses to be a victim, he or she blames others, blames their circumstances or blames themselves, they focus on the lack. When on chooses to be a victor, they learn from the situation and grow to be even stronger than before, they use their new knowledge, make positive changes and increase their fulfillment. Are you choosing to be a victim or a victor? Learn how to acquire hope and be a victor!

We have the power to attract more good things, more good health into our experience. One just needs to learn how to apply the laws of attraction and remain focused on what he or she really wants. Consistent thought and affirmations will shift your mind and your energy and allow greater health to come into your experience. Most times, this is a learned skill and hope is acquired. Faith comes from prolonged, sustained and subconscious hope.

Ref: Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment: www.AcquiredHopeBook.com

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