Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Think and Grow Rich" FREE Ebook

Read the incredible and brillant book by Napolean Hill "Think and Grow Rich", this book has inspiredand guided the most famous, successful people to adopt the mindset that allows the abundance of wealth and success to flow.

I have posted the free ebook, along with Wallace D Wattles "Science of Getting Rich" on my Acquired Hope website. Did you know that it was this little green book that inspired the DVD "The Secret"????? yep.... if you have seen the Secret and are still trying to master the law of attraction, take these FREE lessons on the Law of Attraction, given by Bob Proctor himself. It really does work!

Average Stock Returns of 105.67%: Newsletter on How

I was searching through my favourite forum yesterday when I came across a post. The post was by a user who goes by the username "chronus".

But what he said in his post was very interesting. Braggingly he talked about how he stumbled across a website 2 weeks ago. The website was about a newsletter called "Doubling Stocks".

This newsletter has been running for years and the average return of each stock is 105.67%. "Chronus" went on to explain how he'd invested in the last 3 stocks recommended and had so far earned $1937.24

He told everyone, on Sunday evenings he: Opens his emails, Downloads the latest stock recommendation... then watches as his investment doubles in the next few days.
Other users of the forum, asked him of the web address where they could subscribe to this service. He declined.

He also posted again saying how he was luckily in the last 500 subscribers allowed. And how only 86 spaces were left as he posted. But he said he wouldn't let go of this secret.

Without high expectations I emailed him through the forum. Unlike others in my email I was calm and pleasant. I didn't demand the address of this website. Within a few hours of talking to him over emails, we had started to forge a friendship. He honestly is a very nice guy.

In one of his emails he told me there were only 54 places left to be a newsletter subscriber. And right there under that sentence was the link. Hallelujah!

I immediately clicked onto the website, still 39 places left, I signed up and awaited my first stock pick.

Thank God He Told Me...DoublingStocks Is A Goldmine

There are only 24 places left to become a subscriber as I write this.
Which means there is a very very slim chance, you can actually get your hands on this. So if you can bare it click on the below link and scroll to the bottom. It should say in big black letters how many subscriber spaces left. If it's above 0, you're in luck. I'd advise you to scroll to the top of the page and read it all:

Then sign up here, place your first trade, and start living!

Money Making Stock Picking Robot?!?!?

I was surfing the Internet the other day researching trading stocks and I came across an interesting website.

It's about two "geeks" (or geniuses) whom have created some kind of stock trading robot.
This bot sits on the computer like any other program, and just analyses stocks all day.
Anyhow I don't want to tell you too much about this bot, because it costs$28,000 for a single license!

But I did a little further research, and after finding some interesting forum discussions, someone pointed me to another website.

A website, where the owner (also intrigued by the bot) has written a snappy article about it...
But more importantly this owner gives details on how anyone can join a newsletter.
This newsletter is sent out weekly via email (usually on a Sunday evening) and it includes a stock the robot has picked for this week.

These stocks often rise over 100% within a matter of days.
In fact after being a newsletter member for 3 weeks, I invested on the 4th stock pick... and made $1876.00 (pure profit).

Which is precisely why I just rang round all of my family telling them about this website.
Oh but there's one more thing before I give you the address, there is a limit to the number of the newsletter placements.

As I write this post there are 27 places left, (they started at around 400) so ifyou can bare it, follow the below link... and scroll to the bottom, in big letters is the number of places left.
If that is above 0, you're in luck and I'd advise you to scroll to the top and start reading, fast:

Click here for the link

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top 10 Rated Home Business Opportunities

These are the top 10 Rated home business opportunities. Considered proven, safe, easy to set up, minimal start up fees and passive once set up. Perfect solution for full or part time work, extra income, full income or stay at home moms.

If you are seeking opportunities to become independent and leave the rat race! You must check these websites out!

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If you are still not mastering google adwords, this one is a must have! Actually learn to become profitable on google adwords.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to Increase Web Traffic and Sales 200-300%!

I just learned the greatest trick, simple, yet brilliant way to increase web traffic and sales 200-300% it is beyond google keywords, SEO, blogging, article submission.... it is creating a review site.

Wow, learn more about what makes a good review site, learn how to create one or have one created for you for FREE... Six Figure Yearly program

Six Figure Yearly is with out a doubt, the best of the best online. She reveals to you her secret technique for pulling cash out of our electronic super highway and then pulling it out of her ATM! I can tell you that it IS LEGAL. She has had amazing results. I didn't believe her when I read her income claims. Making $77,000 in one month is very hard to believe. However, I was able to verify her income claims with the bank statements she sent to me. After that, I decided to put her information to the test. When I meet someone that makes that kind of money, I am more then wiling to listen to what they have to say!

Value: 10 out of 10
Since 10 out of 10 is the best, that is what we give it. It is normally $115, but is now only $69.97 Worth every penny. With no additional initial money needed, it is a very low price for this program. The product is far more valuable than the price!!!!

Income Potential:
VERY HIGH. I have seen results from people between $200 up to $1300 a day. This is from the following her directions.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

"I made $76,875.71 in 26 Days!!!!"

I am incredibly attracted to any material that helps people to attract and create success. I consider wealth and prosperity, ie success and riches, a means to achieve a higher level of awareness, health, time with friends and family and most importantly more opportunity to give back to the Universe, make it a better place.

I study success and the Universal Laws, I am open to attracting opportunities to create passive income streams. I believe that setting up mutiple streams of income is the only way to secure riches and therefore a truly free and abundant life.

My journey for seeking a free life, started w/ a struggle with a debilitating disease, chronic fatigue.... so when I spend all my time and energy working, at my job, I dont have any time for fun, family, friends, the things that life is really about. Hence, my passion and drive to be in the flow of receiving abundance is driven by my desire to be able to focus on curing my self and living a truly full life. Freedom of time, financial freedom and freedom to pursue my dreams without the need to worry about my fatigue and paying my bills, is all tied into being free... living more fully.

We all have our reasons for wanting success and prosperity. For me, it is not about the big house or the new car, it is about financial freedom so I can function, perform physically at closer to normal levels and not spend my precious energy on work.... I would rather spend my precious energy on life!

I saw this, so you can see that I am not just passing along resources, I research these resources and when I find one that I feel is worthy and will help many people achieve their own personal dreams of success, I pass them on, Six Figure Yearly is worth passing along!.... let me say, you MUST check this one out!!!

Click here for details and proof how this guy made $76,875.71 in 26 days!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time Management: Get an Extra 2-6 Hours a Day

How Much More Money Would You Make With An Extra 2-6 Extra Hours Of Productivity Every Day?

I strongly believe in effective time management. I once heard from a very wise man, that time cannot actually be managed, only activities can be managed, we all have the exact same amount of time... interesting thought huh.

I know we are all busy, seeking success, financial security, time with our family and friends and time for fun, I took this course and it absolutely helped me to better improve my time/activity management. Having extra time for fun is...well priceless, thought I would pass along the resource to you all!

Drop-dead Simple Tutoring Of Rapid Results Coach Dave Navarro Makes It Easier Than You Ever Thought It Could Be. Learn how!!

Here is another great one on goal setting and achieving your objectives, we all could use a bit of help organizing, staying focused and becoming objectively goal oriented, it absolutely will improve your success! See this ebook

Finally, this program is also very very good, master time/activity management and you automatically get in the flow of abundance!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

FREE Ebooks on Wealth Creation, Asset Protection

I have posted several FREE Ebooks for you on my Acquired Hope wesbite, resource page.

FREE EBooks focus on educating and empowering others to attract and create wealth, focus on asset protection and master the law of attraction and creative process.

Ebooks include:

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill

"Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles

Network Marketing and Traffic Conversion

"Off Shore Bank Accounts and Report"

"Soreveign Manifesto: How to Escape the Cultural Matrix: 8 Deadly Myths that Conspire to Enslave You"

And MORE!!!

Visit enjoy!!!

8 Deadly Myths that Enslave You

I found this resource on creating wealth and the 8 Deadly Myths that Conspire to Enslave You, I have also posted a copy of the ebook on my Acquired Hope site.

There is a wealth of information here, read it is FREE!

Create Wealth and Financial Freedom

Create Wealth and Financial Freedom!!

I found this website and found it an incredible tool in learning how to protect assets, create wealth and learn about tax determination and offshore accounts.

I highly recommend it!