Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Riding Satan

I went horseback riding this past weekend with my nephews and niece. My horse was named “Satan”. Satan turned out to be a gentle giant; he even followed his leader and stayed on the path.

During our ride, my little niece fell of her horse and broke her wrist. My family was very upset. Negative thoughts and words were flying everywhere. Years ago, before I had learned the power of living in Hope with an abundant attitude; I may have jumped on that negativity band wagon too. Instead, I taught my niece and nephews the “Find the Good” game. It goes something like this; you take a bad situation and turn it into something good. For example, “Kailie fell off her horse, hurt her wrist …..and the good part is we had an opportunity to spend the afternoon outside on a glorious day and enjoy time with family and nature.”

It takes a bit of effort and at first appears to go against our logic, but soon you realize how much better it feels to focus on the good. We spent the entire afternoon playing the “Find the Good” game, it got silly at the end, but we laughed and enjoyed the entire day, Kailie even forgot completely about her wrist. Humans have the inherent tendency to immediately focus on the bad, but every situation “is what it is”. Every situation that is bad, actually has an equally good side. It is just a reflection of our mind, our attitude and a conscious decision on how we respond.

I have been challenged for many years by Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease that causes moderate to severe weakness, fatigue and other issues. MG obviously has its hardships, struggles; with potentially physical and emotional pains and losses. I experienced significant losses in all areas of my life and struggled with severe MG for years (decades). But I have realized through my study of healing and advancing my recovery, that even MG, as bad as it has been for me, has many good things too. For example, the good part about MG is ….that I have taken the time, energy and effort to study life success and advancing recovery. Had I not gone through this adversity, I would never had been open minded and open hearted to study, learn and internalize a life filled with Hope and an Abundant Attitude.

So when you are facing massive adversity, and at times MG felt almost unbearable, remember that it is only through adversity that we become who we need to be to reach our goals. Napoleon Hill in the chapter on Persistence in his book "Think & Grow Rich" wrote it so well when he said that " every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent benefit".

May I propose that everyone take an opportunity to think and post at least one good thing that has come out of an experience with adversity. If you feel buried in the issues, may I offer my articles “Change of Focus”, “ABCs of an Abundant Attitude” or “Top Ten List of Positives of the Chronic Illness Experience” to help spark some ideas. All can be downloaded free from my Acquired Hope website at This way of thinking and way of being has allowed my to go into remission and beat my chronic illness. I completely healed myself, I cured myself by changing the way I think and feel, by changing my attitude. As silly as it sounds, it is absolutely possibly, I know it, I did it. You can beat anything, you can change your results in any areas of your life, you just need to learn how and make a committment to do it and persevere. When you commit, the universe bends around you to provide you with all the assistance you need to meet your goals. Acquiring hope and an abundant attitude, living in the now being focused on gratitude and abundance really does provide for a richer, fuller, healthier life!

Thank you for the opportunity to share this “Find the Good” game with you and I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy living in Hope and with an Abundant Attitude!

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