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Powerful Affirmations to Create Wealth-squidoo

Affirmations to Create Wealth and Abundance
Excerpt from "What I Forgot The Day I Was Born"
Here are some powerful affirmations to use in creating wealth:

"I am so happy and grateful now that I attract money easily, effortlessly, and passively from all known and unknown sources."

"I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, everywhere, every day."

"I am so happy and grateful now that the money in my bank account increases exponentially; I can easily afford any luxury that I desire."

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Your Right to Be Rich-Squidoo Lens

It Is Your Right To Be Rich! Excerpt from "What I Forgot The Day I Was Born"
The people who are extremely effective at creating wealth are open-minded to the infinite possibilities of attracting money. They study, they learn, they prepare. They are open to opportunities to make money or grow their investments, and they create multiple streams of income. Success is realized when you prepare and take advantage of opportunity. Being prepared creates the empty space and magnetic pull for money to come to you and demonstrates your intention and commitment to making it happen. This declaration to the universe and within your own mind confirms your vision of financial freedom as well as your expectancy and belief that your financial abundance is close at hand. Remember, it is your right to be rich and experience a full life.

A person's right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual and physical unfolding-in other words, his right to be rich.
-Wallace D. Wattles

How to Attract Abundance & Prosperity-Squidoo lens

How to Attract Wealth and Success--click here for sull article on squidoo: AcquireAbundance

Learn how to attract and create wealth and success by mastering the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws. Once you understand these laws and think, feel and act in harmony with these Univeral Laws, the Universe bends around you to attract to you all that you desire and need in order to manifest your dreams into realities. Use these laws to create loving relationships, to get closer to Spirit, to create success and wealth and to overcome any health issue by creating Abundance; Learn the Universal Laws and use the power of your mind to create your life as you wish...one that is wealth, prosperous and free.

The majority of people using the deliberate creation process will use it to attract wealth and prosperity into their lives. When we are trying to attract or create more money in our lives, we are often held down by our pre-programmed limiting beliefs. Many of us inherited these very limited and confining beliefs about money from our parents or the environment we grew up with. How many parents say, "Money does not grow on trees," "You have to work hard to make money," "Money is the root of all evil," "Rich people are bad," or "We do not have the money to buy that"? Most likely these limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance were passed on from generations. Well, you are going to break this limiting belief system.
These limiting beliefs about money do not serve you, and they are limiting your financial success and freedom.Too many times, we think that our job offers us financial security, or our investments will provide for us later in life. Security in a job or a bank account is an illusion. There is no security in your job and look what happened to your bank account when the economy tanked. If you want to open the flow of financial freedom and abundance to you, you must realize that your financial abundance lies in your connection with your source.Wealth consciousness is so much more than simply having the ability to make money. It's a mindset that involves seeing life, not as a struggle, but as a magical adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease. Wealth consciousness is a state of mind, a sense, not of believing but really knowing that what we need is available to us.-Richard CarlsonIf you are ready to master the Universal Laws to acquire abundance quickly, read the book "What I Forgot The Day I Was Born": simply click here to order today Universal-Spiritual-Laws to create wealth and prosperity!

What I Forgot The Day I Was Born--NEW Book Available NOW

Learning about the Spiritual Laws is critical to self-discovery, enlightenment and the deliberate creation process!Upon being born into the physical realm, we relinquish the real essence of who we are and of our true potential. Brilliantly written, this highly-enlightening book, "What I Forgot the Day I Was Born" (See this link: What I Forgot the Day I Was Born) is crafted to help readers remember the truth that indicates we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. This book explains the essence and the importance of the Spiritual Laws.This unique book delivers spiritual insights that will dramatically and magnificently improve your circumstances. You will learn how to use the power of the mind to your advantage, how to automatically attract new results by releasing your limiting beliefs, witness scientific proof that our outside world is created from our inside world, and learn the seven levels of conscious awareness and why less than 20% of people transgress beyond level three.
Additionally, you will know how to master the 20 Spiritual and Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction; through which, you will understand that your results will remain mediocre until you live in harmony with each Universal Law. You will also learn the four ways to super size your results with the 10-step deliberate creation process, and get to know specific techniques to manifest perfect health, abundant wealth and meaningful relationships into your life experience.Readers are in for one unforgettable awakening experience as they rediscover their own essence and their ability to create the life they would just usually dream of. Are you ready for a trip down the rabbit hole to create new and glorious results!
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Why Aren't the Spiritual Laws More Commonly Known and Used-Squidoo Lens

Why Aren't the Spiritual Laws More Commonly Known?

Unfortunately, most people go through their entire life without ever learning of these spiritual laws or of their true inherent power. Did you learn about these laws in school? Probably not, me neither. Sadly, most people never truly realize their full potential or life purpose. Instead, they continue to rely on the outside physical world to control their thoughts and actions. These people continue to seek success and happiness through external physical channels. They focus on acquisitions and achievements, and they accumulate more in an effort to fill that void or emptiness. They are influenced by other people, by the media, by what others will think of them. They fail to consciously live from the inside out. As a consequence, physical, emotional, and even spiritual turmoil results or manifests within them.

It is by failing to understand, internalize, and consciously harmonize with these spiritual laws from where all life, abundance, and prosperity comes that so many people continue to struggle with life. Life is viewed as hard or difficult or "not fair." They swim against the current rather than along with the flow. Their results in life are ordinary or mediocre at best.

The vast majority of people in our world today, independent of location or culture, have developed a belief system that is based on the concept of lack and limitation. That there is "not enoughness" in our world. Not enough food to go around, not enough money for everyone, not enough business for all to prosper, not enough women or men to date. These beliefs of lack and limitation result in competition, greed, fear, or anxiety over losing. These people do not understand that there truly is enough of everything to go around. We are creative beings; all we need to do is create it. In fact, this chronic way of thinking, due to our social conditioning, has resulted in the mass consciousness that brought about the many wars, the depressive plunge of our economy, high divorce rates, broken families, increased rates of depression and anxiety, and other health ailments. This belief of limitation, this chronic way of thinking and even acting, causes most people to completely overlook the possibility of consciously, purposefully, and intentionally improving their lives. All that is needed is an understanding of our oneness with the Spirit, our connection to the Source of all, that is so willing and infinitely able to give us anything we want and more when all we need to do is claim it.

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Mastering the Time Honored Spiritual Laws-Squidoo Lens

Spiritual Laws: Be a Mastermind of the 20 Spiritual Laws
Welcome! You have been attracted to this lens on the Spiritual Laws because you are seeking more insight and enlightenment and this lens on the 20 Spiritual Laws has found you!Becoming a Mastermind of the Spiritual Laws allows you to live in harmony with the Universe and attract all the good that you desire! Attract love, wealth, friends, fun, perfect health and more! Decide to deliberately create your future now!If you are ready to master the Spiritual Laws quickly, read the book "What I Forgot The Day I Was Born": simply click here to order today Universal-Spiritual-Laws!

Secret to Happiness, Abundance, and Success lies in these 20 Spiritual Laws!The secret to experiencing happiness, abundance, and success in life is in becoming aware of and "consciously" harmonizing your thought, intentions, and actions with these spiritual laws. Then your desires can show up in your "physical world" as the events, conditions, and circumstances also called your results, which you experience in every area of life.The secret to living a happy, peaceful, abundant life results from understanding and applying these universal laws to your own life. In order to become abundant and successful, you must first become "conscious of" and develop a deeper understanding or "heightened awareness" of how and why these omnipresent "laws" operate as they do. But an understanding of these universal laws is not merely enough; it is the understanding and application of wise thoughts that matter. If you want to change your results, your wealth, health, relationships, you must learn to live in harmony with all of these spiritual laws.