Thursday, November 8, 2007

Attitude: Unleash Your Creative Power

"Your attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions" - Bob Proctor from Secret Science of Getting Rich Program.

When you have a congruent attitude, you hold and maintain all positive thoughts, feelings and forward actions or all negative thoughts feelings and backwards actions. Tapping into your creative power requires an open mind. This means your attitude; your thoughts, feelings and actions must be those of willingness. A willingness to imagine and see new ideas, opportunities and possibilities from a perspective of infinite possibilities. This willingness will enhance your mental dexterity and enable you to look at situations with a spin, while holding in your mind the attitude of opportunity and creativity as opposed to focusing on roadblock that situations and issues can create.

This ability to shift your mindset, your perception and attitude will leverage your strengths because you will begin to focus on what can be done and how you can use your skills and talents to create the results you desire and to become fully engaged in your plan. The alternative path, which is typically the road more frequently traveled, is one that focuses on the obstacles and the reasons why it cannot be done. Since your thoughts control what you manifest in your life, your results, you choose your outcome: one of possibility and created to your liking, or the other, one of lack, limitation and dissatisfaction. It is your choice, you can choose your results, but it all starts with the right attitude. and

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