Thursday, November 8, 2007

Begin to Choose Your Results

Many of us are currently challenged with at least one issue in our lives that we are not comfortable with because it is moving in a direction toward a result we do not like. This experience and awareness can cause a lot of personal frustration, fear or other negative emotions and cloud our image or focus of personal success.

We all have tendencies to feel either overly responsible or under concerned and while these emotions are complete opposites, they lead to the same end result: passivity. Feeling that one is overly responsible can cause us to want to make changes in things that we cannot or even possibly should not. This can effect leave us feeling overwhelmed, fearful and may cause us to retreat or shut down as to not have to deal with the issue. Being under concerned can cause us to ignore or delay important changes that we need to initiate and lead to passivity in our very lack of engagement. Part of choosing your results is learning and understanding when to take effective action and when to let go of issues. This can save us time, energy, frustration and needless worry, while at the same time produce the results we are seeking. We become more involved in taking effective action and more engaged in our plan.

Begin to choose your results, achieve a higher level of awareness.

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