Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wisdom and Awareness

Wisdom is the ability to exercise good judgment. When we are faced with challenging issues or circumstances in which we are not familiar with, when we face the “terror barrier”, wisdom is needed. Often times wisdom is the having the awareness of the situation and the knowing of the possibly outcomes and then establishing a plan in order to obtain the outcome or outcomes of your choosing, as opposed to leaving the end result up to chance. Which often times is not the result we desire and not the result of our choice. By leveraging experience and understanding, you can gain clarity, confidence and power in taking effective actions in order to resolve the issue, frustrations, fear and to regain focus.

Wisdom allows you to respond as opposed to react in a situation. This is part of the process of being able to choose your results.

Breaking through the terror barrier becomes easy, once you learn what is going on, that you are shifting paradigms or conditioning and you change the emotion from fear to one of acceptance.

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