Thursday, November 8, 2007

Negative Emotions Associated with Conflict or Change

Negative Emotions Associated with Conflict or Change
Let’s examine the negative emotions associated with the terror barrier or conflict.
Fear, frustration and lack of control are the most common ones, I have an entire article titled "Change of Focus" posted on and book "Acquired Hope" that details all of the negative emotions dealing with coping with change. Overcoming these negative emotions and getting the results you want often comes with a change in perspective.

Frustrations and fear often develop out of feelings of a lack of control. Understand this, control, in the sense of determining an absolute outcome or result, is usually limited to oneself. You cannot control another person. All you can do is control your own thoughts, feelings and actions. When you understand this, you stop wasting time, energy and effort trying to control others, and you learn to focus your energy on creating the appropriate thoughts, which lead to only positive feelings, inspired actions and hence a new set of conditions, circumstances and environments, which lead to new results. These will be the results of your liking, as these are results that you have chosen. You and only you have now created this new set of results.

Now, you cannot control other human beings, but you do have the ability to influence people and therefore influence results. The art of influencing involves persuasion, enticing or swaying the other person to adopt your point of view, your reflection point, your opinion or in the sales world, your product. They often say that closing a sale is merely getting the other person to adopt your belief in your product. You have successfully influenced their actions and believe to be in alignment with yours.

What most people want is control over outcomes, but rarely do they have the personal power to make changes to secure the cooperation of other and truly achieve the results they want.

Learn this skill, obtain this power, it is all about awareness. Learn to choose your results:

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