Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FAT Attitude

FAT Attitude
Is your attitude truly and fully FAT? I like to think of a complete attitude as one that is strong, effective, inspirational and attractive. It is one that has an alignment of Feelings, Actions and Thoughts. Our attitudes are said to be a composite of our thoughts, actions and feelings. When one is working with a fully FAT attitude, they are seeing the results that they imagine and desire, they are winning, they reach their goals continuously and effortlessly. They are successful in every way.

But many times I see individuals with incomplete or ineffective attitudes, as their attitudes are not fully FAT, meaning they may have positive thoughts, thoughts of a high vibration and yet their feelings are not the same or their actions do not reflect these thoughts.

For example, a person may think they are being positive and say positive things, but they have feelings of doubt and/or limitation deep inside of them in their subconscious. Or they think positive thoughts and perform actions that are in opposition to their thoughts. These people are not working with a strong and effective attitude; it is an attitude that is not complete or fully FAT. These people are not seeing the results that they want, they are not winning. Are you working with a FAT attitude?

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