Saturday, November 3, 2007

Live a Life of Abundance

Life Expressions: Mind, Body and Soul
A man or woman develops in life in mind, body and soul. This is desire for more life expressing itself. The journey and inherent nature of all life is development and everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development that it is capable of attaining. The purpose of Nature is the advancement of life; every man and woman should have the abundant health, wealth and prosperity so that they can contribute to the power, elegance, and beauty and be able to participate in all that life and this universe has to offer us. Every person naturally wants to become all that they are capable of; this desire is innate and inherent in all living things. We all feel that urge and need to move forward. Do you notice when you are not happy when you are bored or idle? That is the desire inside of you for more life, better health, forward advancement and the innate wish to experience new things. We cannot help feeling this way. Good health and success in life is being or becoming all that you want to be or wish to be. Are you healthy and successful?

Creating Abundance, Success and a Fuller Life
In my experience, I have learned that obtaining optimal levels of health was also dependent upon me obtaining higher levels of wealth. This is noble, for it is for the greater good and further life expression. In order to have optimal health, I need wealth. Wealth allows me to focus on recovery, rest, nutrition, exercise and not worrying about my bills. So I studied the Law of Attraction in order to bring about higher levels of wealth and health. It is important, necessary and fun.

Here are some resources on Personal Development, Law of Attraction, Success and Wealth Generation:

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