Thursday, November 8, 2007

Creative Power: Mental Exercises

Mental exercise to inspire creativity, flex your creative mind muscles:

Assume the opposite: When faced with an issue or situation that you believe you know the cause or root of the problem, assume the opposite. Imagine the factor to be entirely different or even that the factor does not exist at all. Make a list of what other possibilities may be causing the problem.

Change your conditions, circumstance or environment: Something as simple as changing your physical location, the time of evaluation, your thoughts and feelings at the moment can open up your mind to the creative flow of opportunity and possibilities. If you are feeling stuck on issues and roadblocks, change location, go outside or listen to some uplifting, energetic music. Work in another room or turn on different lighting. Change your mood and you can change your mindset. This can have a dramatic effect on your prespective, thoughts, feelings and therefore your congruent actions.

Seek Out Opportunities: Have a wild brainstorming session, create a list of 30 or more ways or possible outcomes. Do not stop until you have at least 30, there is no limit on what you write down, no matter how outlandish the ideas seem at the moment. Seek out different ideas, thoughts and ways of looking at the situation and ways of solving the situation. Never underestimate the power of asking!

Shift your perspective: look at the situation from another persons view or vantage point. Take yourself out of the situation and put on objective eyeglasses. Try to view the issue from as many perspectives as you can. Explore how these various perspectives and vantage points make you feel. Create a new reflection point. Follow those that leave you with only positive thoughts and emotions. Be a good finder. After each issue or idea, add the statement “and the good thing is (Blank)” (I learned this trick from Jack Canfield from the Secret Science of Getting Rich program). This practice will help guide you to open opportunities based on good emotions, thoughts and actions, this will help you to hold only positive thoughts and emotions in your mind, as you continue your evaluation process.

Make time for creativity: explore the power of self-hypnosis and meditation to allow your imagination to create the images of the results, goals, dreams and things you wish to manifest in your life. Actually see the result occurring, work from the end. Focus on the end result, see it in your mind, hold it in your thoughts. Make a commitment to the process and approach and you will transform your life and results. Become consciously aware of the creative power within you and follow those actions that are inspired and powered by your creative time and energies. This will deeply impact your results and your success. This part is neccessary for fast results. and

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