Friday, December 7, 2007

Unleash Your Inner Mind Power: Self Hyposis Works!

I was always a skeptic when anyone would talk about meditation or self hypnosis. Then I got sick, and I could not get better. I was exhausted, tired, weak, felt horrible and missed out on a lot of fun things.

I spent months studying self healing and I quickly learned the power of the mind is critical to advancing recovery and full healing. It is a necessary piece of the puzzle. You cannot completely heal yourself (and the doctors are not going to heal you fully either!) until you tap into your inner healing power.

The best, most effective way to do this is to open the magic door of your inner healing power through meditation or self hypnosis. Try it, you will never believe how effective it is until you do. I did, and after awhile, it worked!

There is no power in the world as great as the power in your mind. Those that learn how to release these powers become effective co-creators or as Dr. Dyer calls them "connectors". (ref: )

The person who learns techniques of self hypnosis discovers the secret to life success and optimal health. Learning self- hypnosis is a skill, a long term skill that I strongly suggest you try to master.

Here are some reasons why self hypnosis works:
1) Imagination is more powerful than willpower! In any battle between imagination and will, the imagination always wins! This means, use your imagination, not your reason to heal yourself. (Please understand this was hard for me! I was a science-based clinical person with a degree in physcial therapy and a masters in healthcare adminstration---that is all science and facts, the power of the mind and imagination were the furthest thing from my plan!)

2) Imagination is more powerful than reason. Our imagination is the most powerful thing we possess. We create with it, we attract with it, we heal with it. If you over analyze and apply rational thought and reason continuously, it will slow your healing process, unleash your creativity, think abundant health!

3) Only one idea can be entertained by the mind at any given time. Conflicting ideas cannot be held at one time. Therefore choose to focus on new results, choose to focus on optimal health.

4) Any imagined condition will become real if persisted in, provided it is believed and felt to be deserved. This one concept is the secret to self healing!

I have read and taken various programs to help me get good and effective at self hypnosis. These are the ones I recommend:

Try it! It is worth it! These program cost nothing compared to pills, dr appt.s, surgery and the stress and exhaustion of chronic illness. You deserve to feel better, just try it!

Nicole Matoushek, MPH, PT

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