Thursday, December 6, 2007

Raising Your Awareness: This Secret Counts!

Are you tired of working at your job, having someone tell you how much vacation you can take and when you can take it? Are you tired of the limit on your earning potential? Are you tired of working hard and not seeing results, or more income or freedom?

Are you tired of your schedule being dictated by others? Are you yearning for more income to travel, go on vacations, send your kids to nice schools, retire or even open your own business?
Do you look at a price tag before you buy something, often put it down and settle for something less expensive?

Do you hate writing bills each month and get a queasy feeling when bills are due or when you look at your savings account?

Well what if you could change all of that and create a life style of abundance, opulence, freedom to so what you want, when you want, wealth to travel, money to focus on what you want to focus on (Health, friends, family, new house) rather than spending your time to pay your bills working at your JOB?

The solution to all of this pain caused by lack of abundance, is in you deciding to make a positive act towards raising your awareness. Changing your results means you create new opportunities, you create options, you create choices and with that is freedom. Financial freedom and freedom of time. Choice becomes a function of awareness.

So in order to escape the rat race and enter the money kingdom and begin to create and live the free life that you desire, YOU MUST RAISE YOUR AWARENESS!

This is done only by studying, learning from mentors and choosing a life purpose and path. You must make a decision to commit and you must do something about it. This will not happen magically in front of your eyes without action on your part.

Raise your awareness, once you have the tools, the material to read, listen to and study, all you have to do is sit back, listen, read and study it and you will automatically raise your level of awareness. THEN and only then will you be able to successfully co-create your life dreams and really endeavor to live.

Raising your awareness come easily, quickly and near effortlessly with these materials below. If you ignore this and do not decide to act positively and decisively and start today to change your life and to raise your awareness, then another day, or week or month or year will go by and you will be in the exact same situation as you are today. Now that is not living. You are reading this email Ecourse for a reason, You already know that you want to make changes, you just do not know how to make changes and how to create new results.

I am here today to give you the keys to the kingdom, but you must act and commit yourself. Raise your awareness, it is necessary. Do that one thing and the things you look at around you will change.

Here are some great resources for you to start cheaply and immediately. One simple step towards a new life. But you must do something about it. You must take a step forward.

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