Thursday, December 6, 2007

Emulate Your Mentors

One of the most effective secrets to success that I did not mention earlier is emulating other successful people or having a mentor.

Study people’s thoughts, habits and methods of acquiring success, these should be people you admire or who have reached the goals that you are aspiring for. Start to think like them and emulate them and you will get the same successful results. Read their books, take their programs, get into their minds and thoughts. Pick up their habits. Allow them to mentor you.

Those who have mentors advance more rapidly professionally and personally. But mentoring may not be what you think it is. We all have mentors. We all have many mentors. Sometimes it is just becoming aware of who your mentors are.

Mentors are people in your life who listen, encourage, support, challenge and advise you. They provide direction. They help you to take a look at your situation or issue from a different perspective and help you to see the possibilities and options that you did not see initially. They allow you to make an informed and thoughtful decision and assist in problem solving to increase your confidence, strengthen your abundant attitude.

Two decades of intensive research has proven what we all know intuitively: those who have significant relationships with people they consider mentors advance more rapidly professionally and personally. They become aware and learn the attributes of successful, fruitful and highly energetic people. No one advances forward quickly without significant help from others. You do not even need to know these people, just learn the way that they think.
Create a mental committee of people who you admire create your panel of mentors, or have accomplished goals in your field; tap into their energy. Studies have shown that mentoring is the most effective way to successfully accomplish your goals, in the shortest period of time. Absolutely do not skip over this one. You must get a mentor if you want fast and successful results.

You must learn from the masterminds. You must learn how to raise your level of awareness and share like mindedness with these souls. They say you become the composite of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. If you are serious about creating new results, you should dedicate as much of your free time, energy and resources to soaking up the information and knowledge mentors can provide you.

Read their books, listen to their tapes, over and over again until you can hear them in your mind and you start to speak and think like them!

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