Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 Step Plan for Optimizing Healing Capacity

I am a huge fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, he has been instrumental in my recovery and my ability to heal myself and go into remission.

Please let me share some of his writing with you, it is powerful, inspirational and fun to read.
First, lets start with a quote:

"No one can ask another to be healed. But he can let himself be healed, and thus offer the other what he has received. Who can bestow upon another what he does not have? And who can share what he denies himself?"-A Course in Miracles

Every person on this planet has within him or herself the potential to be a healer, to heal oneself and allow themself to be healed. In order to make conscious contact with your own inherent healing powers, you must make the decision to heal yourself. The only way to be heal is to be healed. Once you have accepted your power to heal yourself and optimize your health, you become someone who is also capable of healing others.

First, become the healing. Learn to reconnect to the disease-free loving perfection from which you were born from. The universal mind knows exactly what you need in order to heal yourself. So you must align yourself with the univeral mind and laws and work in harmony with these laws in order to optimize your health.

Second, take notice of your thoughts and feelings. Note when you are creating resistance to the healing process. Do not speak poorly or negatively of your current health issues. Only think and feel yourself healing and feelin more energetic and vibrant each day. When you focus on the disease, or the lack and limitation, you interfere with healing. I know I did this for years, and I remained so very sick. Once I learned and started to really work at this, I started to get better. Today I feel super! So stop complaining about how bad you feel and focus on how good you feel, as crazy as that sounds, it is necessary.

Do daily affirmations, change your thoughts from sickness to thoughts of wellness, affirm optimal health, visualize yourself with a health body! Remember how we discussed creative visualization earlier? If you want to learn techniques on how to be effective in your visualizations and affiramtios they are presented in my book "Acquired Hope". Daily affirmations and visualizations are such powerful techniques to advance the healing process, please do not over look them.

Lastly, know that illness is not a punishment. Do not intellectualize the disease process, this only separates you from good health. Be encouraged to think of yourself as a healer, as moving towards better health, towards optimal health. Do not overanalyze your condition, if you do you are giving it power!

Here is Dr. Dyer's 10 step program on making optimal health your reality (summarized of course):

1) You can't heal anyone until you allow yourself to be healed.

2) The healing energy that you're connected to at all times is what you have to give away to others.

3) By raising your awareness, your energy to a vibrational match with the universe/power of intention, you are strengthening your immune system and increasing the production of well-being enzymes in the brain.

4) Practice Surrender!

5) Don't ask to be healed, ask to be restored to that perfection from which you came from.
6) Know that you are loved and adored.

7) Seek out and cherish the silence, find inner peace!

8) Identify with the wholeness that you are.

9) Allow an abundance of good health to flow into your life. Practice the art of allowing.

10 ) Stay immersed in a state of gratitude.

I love it!

Ref: Dr. Wayne Dyer:

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