Friday, December 14, 2007

Living Life On Purpose

Living life on purpose can provide you with a power of enlightenment, success, creativity, passion and inspiration. When you're inspired and on purpose, great things work for you. The risks and stress are gone, as you now move on a fast track towards your intentions. You recieve guidance and assistance from others. You are in harmony with your intentions and you feel deep positive feelings towards those people and activities that are in alignment with your passions and purpose.

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Being inspired and living on purpose is critical for a life of optimal health, love, success and abundance.

Here are 10 ways to practice fulfilling your intention to live life on purpose.

1) Affirm that this is an intelligent universe, there are no accidents, no one shows up by accident, not even you, everyone has a purpose. It is our responsibility to find that purpose and live by it.

2) Seize every opportunity, no matter how small to give your life away in service. Give without want. Serve others and the universe everyday.

3) Align your purpose with the field of intention.

4) Ignore what anyone else tells you about your purpose. This is your purpose, not theirs.

5) Remember that the universe works on your behalf and wants you to obtain your life goals and purpose just as much as you do.

6) Study and replicate the lives of poeple who have known their life purpose, learn, study and find yours.

7) Act as if you are living the life you were intended to live, even if you feel confused about your purpose and how you are going to achieve it.

8) Meditate or use techniques of self-hypnosis ( , )

9) Keep your thoughts and feelings on a positive plane, be in harmony with your actions. Remember, a congruent attitude is one that is positive in your thoughts, feelings and actions, you have to really want it, believe it is possible and know that you deserve it and can have it.

10) Stay in a state of awe and gratitude of all that comes your way.

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