Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Effective Actions: Overcoming Procrastination Worksheet

Becoming successful, abundant and efficient in actions requires a certain level of focus, goal setting and overcoming procrastination. I recently found an "Overcoming Procrastination Worksheet" that I would like to share, and don't forget to reward yourself for accomplishments, no matter how big or small!

You can write these 9 steps on a piece of paper and fill them out for tasks that you need to complete.

1) The most important task for me to do this week is:

2) I will begin this task on (date):

3) The estimated length of time to do this task is:

4) Reasons why I have not done it so far:

5) Solutions to each of the above reasons:

6) Steps to complete the task are: (length of time for each step)

7) Benefits that I will acquire from completing task:

8) now, visualize working efficiently and completing the task, get into the feeling of its completion.

9) On completion, I will reward myself in the following way:

Try it!

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Rynth said...

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thanks for sharing this idea.. good job...

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