Sunday, December 16, 2007

Success in Life Starts with Your Attitude!

“No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life.”

– Samuel Goldwyn

Success in Life Starts with an Abundant Attitude!!!
In order to open yourself up to success of any kind, be it more money, freedom, better health or attracting friends and relationships that help you reach your intentions, you first need to believe in your self. Secondly you need to believe that success starts with your attitude. You must be convinced, have an absolute knowing that you can and will succeed!

You have to control your thinking processes to build the right attitude... an abundant attitude, and what I mean by an abundant attitude is that you believe that life is full and abundant, that you are here to live to the fullest and allow God or your higher power to express through you with creative energies, that everything you need is already here and is actually already yours---that you ARE success, you ARE abundance!

You need to hold positive thoughts, look for the good side of the situation---be a good finder and the good will find you too. Build the belief in yourself, truly believe you can have it, and that you deserve it and that there are infinite possibilities out there. When you think that nothing can stop you, others will slowly adopt your view and attitude and from confidence great adventures build. They will support you, jump on your bandwagon, and contribute to your success---they will serve you. They will give you help that they won’t provide to people who don’t believe in themselves.

One major key to acquiring an abundant attitude is to project a winning, confident attitude that inspires success. As from Dr. Dyer: inspiration is by definition, being full of spirit, this means you are tapping into your God given creative energies.... you are passionate, loving and joyous in your actions.

Living and emulating this abundant attitude is achieved at the beginning by working on your internal thought processes. Remember, you choose your thoughts! For example, change the way you end and greet each day. Before you go to sleep think of something you are looking forward to doing tomorrow. Make a Gratitude list and read it first thing in the morning and when you go to bed, even 5 things that you are grateful for.

In the morning before you get out of bed, take a few moments to welcome the day. Think of the reasons why today can be special or important for your future. Say aloud to yourself, “What a great day!” Think about how you can make wonderful things happen. As ideas flow through your mind, feel the enthusiasm that your positive attitude has generated and the smile on your face. This is living in passion and being inspired. This is working with the law of gratitude and attraction.

Understand this----Gratitude is the precursor to manifesting...when you feel grateful for all that you have and all that is coming to you, when you can be grateful for things that have not yet arrived, that is when you are really tapping into the powerful laws of the universe...that is when your world will start to bend and reshape around you, that is when you open up the flow of abundance of all good things to you!

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