Thursday, December 6, 2007

Important Secret to Success!

We are all aware of how important it is to set goals in order to obtain and measure results and success. But are you doing this?

Are you writing your goals down?

I read this the other day in a book: "Set a goal and WRITE IT DOWN. Whatever the goal, the important thing is that you set it, so you've got something for which to aim-and that you write it down. There is something magical about writing things down. When you reach that goal, set another and write it down. You'll be off and running."

Writing our goals down appears to be a written declaration to ourselves to commit to reaching it. Studies have shown that people who write their goals down, as opposed to just thinking them are far more successful in reaching them.


Start today by committing yourself to attracting abundant health and wealth to you. Write out a goal. Something like: "I (name), make a commitment to myself to focus on achieving success, optimal health and abundant wealth. My goal is to increase my income to ($) a month, create a new business, find a new business opportunity, attract a wealth-generation system, create passive income..... (fill in the blank...)."

Additionally, studies in psychology also show that people are far more likely to reach their goals if they write them and then make them public. So take your written declaration and goal from above and post it on this blog.... send it on an email to your family and it on your fridge.

In fact several weight loss programs use this technique to get millions of people to commit to losing weight. It works, it is that effective!! Once you write it down and tell people about it, you will be more likely to stick with it and reach your goals... be successful in obtaining abundance and wealth!

Do not skip this or underestimate it's power and importance!!!!

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