Friday, December 7, 2007

The Power of the Mind in Self Healing

In previous posts I presented the power of creative visualization, affirmations and thoughts in healing. I continue to spend time reading material focused on these concepts of advanced recovery and self-healing.

Listen to this comment from Dr. Evelyn Monahan, who taught at Emory University's school of nursing: "you can use the mind to affect external things, including the molecular structure of the body". She believes creative visualization techniques are extremely powerful and effective. As she says, "one of the most effective techniques is visualization, I taught the nurses to teach patients to actually see diseased organs or infection of the body repairing themselves, for example if you want to fight infection, visualize the white blood cells going to the infectin site and destroying the invading body."

Additionally, Dr. Irving Oyle, author of "The Healing Mind" was an early pioneer in the use of visualization, meditation/self hypnosis and affirmations in self-healing. He states:
"By changing the consciousness, the mental picture you have of what is going on in your body, you can change the physical body. By thinking themselves sick, people become sick. We know for example there is a certain type of personality that tends to get heart attacks. If you can change the thinking pattern or the visual imagery to restore health, you become your own healer."
Therefore, healing yourself comes under the natural laws of the universe, specifically, the law of vibration/law of attraction. Disease, chronic illness is just a vibration, so is optimal health. Disease is a low vibration, optimal health, a high vibration. Healing becomes fixing the maladjustments of frequencies of your thought patterns.

When you can change the vibration of something, you can change its form. In order to change the vibration, we must apply mental energy, healing energy, energy in the form of thought.
This information is so powerful, changing your thoughts, raising your conscious awareness, using techniques of affirmations, meditation/self hypnosis, visualization and the law of attraction to create better health, increase your self-healing capacity and live in optimal health energies, is possible!

You just need to study it, believe it and think it.

I have many resources to help you achieve this, I had a chronic illness, I healed myself by these techniques. I was taking 22 pills a day and was moderate to severely disabled from the fatigue. These tecnhiques work! Please try them, I want you to win too!

PS: for techniques on effective and powerful creative visualization, affirmations, ways of being, the BE:DO:HAVE secret, attitude congruence, goal setting to reach higher levels of function, the law of attraction and how to apply it to self heal, please refer to my book "Acquired Hope: A Journey of Advanced Recovery and Empowerment".

For additional resources on the power of the mind, please see these programs, they are awesome:

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I thank you,Nicole Matoushek, MPH, PT BLOG

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