Thursday, December 6, 2007

Practice the Art of Allowing

The art of allowing means several things. It means being receptive to allowing all the good and abundance that is flowing to you. This is where you take the foot off the brake and put it on the gas....your flow of increase opens up when you understand this concept. You begin to allow things to happen instead of subconsciously impeding the flow.

Be flexible and receptive. This means practicing the art of allowing. Be open minded to the people, ideas, thoughts, intuition, inner guidance and desires you feel within you. Desire is Power seeking expression, the universal mind is seeking to celebrate and express itself through you. Allow it to happen. This means acting in accordance to your inner knowing, eliminating judgmental and biased views of others and working on the creative plane as opposed to the competitive plane.

Keep in mind that situations, ideas, people, and conditions change. If you keep your blinders on, you'll miss many opportunities that can assist you to perform your goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy. You must keep your eye on your goal and believe in the concept of infinite opportunities. When you believe in the infinite possibilities that are open and coming to you, and practice the art of allowing, you open up the flow of abundance and prosperity to you.

Part of allowing it being grateful for everything and bit of abundance that comes to you. Starting your day with gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a tremendous way to raise your thought vibrations and attract more of what you desire to you. The law of gratitude works when you think and feel thoughts for all of the blessings that you have and that are coming to do. Always include gratitude as a part of your daily affirmations.

Enjoy your abundance and have fun allowing it in!

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