Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Attitudes Determine Everything!

Our attitudes determine our results, who we attract to us and how we live. Why not choose to live with an abundant attitude, one that thinks, feels and acts as if the Universe is abundant and there is only infinite opportunities and possibilities.

As we grow, or develop in mind, body and soul, as we become more self aware of our life purpose, goals and passions we recognize one of our spiritual responsbilities is to move into one-ness with the universe/God, our higher power. With this we move beyond living in an emotional reactive way to challenges in life to cultivating positive emotions as our habits. We learn to respond as opposed to react. We remain steadfast in our vision, focus and goals no matter what happens. We have a knowing that everything we need is already here or will come to us, that we can tackle anything that comes our way. We simply live as if life is meant to be abundant and that abundance is already here, we are already connected to it.

What this means is we learn to love even when we don't feel love, we are kind and generous, even when we would ordinarily complain or hoard, and we hold an image of abundance and never focus on lack or what we do not presently have, we live in a continous state of gratitude, even if we wouldn't ordinarily feel particularly thankful. Successful people, make feeling love, joy, optimism, hope, abundance and gratitude their way of being, their habit. After gaining a conscious awareness and with some work overcoming the conditioning that they grew up with, they make thinking, feeling and acting with an abundant attitude their life and way of living.

Our attitudes are our mental stances, they determine everything that comes to us, everyone we attract and they ultimately determine our results. Our attitudes are the glasses from which we view the universe and see the world. Do we see abundance, love and joy or do we see lack, poverty and fear? We can change the way we see the world by changing our thinking, by cultivating a positive attitude. When we live in joy, acquire hope, see only abundance and possibility, we begin to remake our world and we can literally change our conditions, our results and our place, simply because our attitudes have changed. My favorite quote from Dr. Dyer says is all, "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."

Additionally, the tremendous benefit of living with an abundant attitude, in faith and gratitude is that it keeps us connected to the universe and all that is providing. It is the recognition of this connection that is often the point of illumination and time when one opens up to the flow of abundance, the more grateful we are, the more of an abundance sense of life we will experience.

The more you cultivate the abundant attitude, even if you don't feel it, the more you consciously improve or change your attitude, the more you will feel it. The more loving we feel, the more love we receive, the more giving we are, the more that is given to us, the more abundant and successful we feel, the more success will be attracted to us, the healthier we feel, the more health and vitality we will experience. The more thankful we are, the more we experience the joys and richness of spirit that grateful feelings produce.

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blogpaul said...

So I can't tell...does this post mean you believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ?