Sunday, December 16, 2007

Universal Laws Lesson: Law of Relativity

This Lesson on the universal laws is from the SGR program. I highly recommend learning, practicing and internalizing these laws to all aspects of your life: your health, wealth, success, relationships. You will find opportunities and attract better things, once you work in harmony with these laws.

The Law of Relativity:
Nothing is good or bad, big or small, until you relate it to something. A situation just is, it is neither good nor bad, your health is neither good nor bad, there is always someone out there with better health, and someone out there with worse health (or wealth, success, relationships etc). It is all in how you look at your situation and what thoughts and perspective you choose to think about the situation with. When you focus on good thoughts and energies, more good things will come to you. Likewise, if you focus on how bad your situation is, you will attract more bad.

Practice relating your situation to something much worse so that you will think and feel fortunate and good and your will always look better!

Exercise:Your ability to earn money, attract optimal health or the right people in your life is directly affected by the manner in which you work with this law. In so far as money, or health or success is concerned, how do you plan to work with this law? What changes will you make? List 10 things that you will do from this day forward in order to work in harmony with this law to secure success, more money, better health or improved relationships.

Ref: SGR program

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