Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank You Cards, Lists and Numbers

"Let's feel the magic of those two little, big words "thank you."

-Ardath Rodale

Practicing the habit of saying thank you or sending thank you cards is one way to harness the incredible power of the law of gratitude and the law of cause and effect. Learn to say thank you as often as you can. For big things, and small. When you do, you consciously and subconsciously send a message to the universe that you are aware that you have received good (all things can be good, no matter how bad they may seem). This helps to keep you in a positive state, a higher vibration, one of gratitude, optimism, and abundance.

When we say thank you, we are reminded of the good that comes our way, that good things do happen to us every day, that we are blessed, loved and protected and provided for. That everything we need will come to us, that we are already connected to it.

Additionally, it has wonderful effects on the people who receive our words of gratitude. We help to raise their vibration and makes them realize their efforts are noted and appreciated. This in effect will continue the chain of giving and receiving and the higher vibrations of living in a state of gratitude.

Here are some great suggestions, make a list of 25 things that you are grateful for, send thank you cards to people who have done nice things for you in the past, or spend the day saying thank you to all the kindness that comes your way, at the end of the day, count those "thank you"s and just watch in awe how truly blessed you are. They will increase just by the fact that you are directing your attention to them and by law, via the law of attraction and vibration, more blessings will come your way.

Enjoy your blessed new year, happy 2008!

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