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Top 7 Barriers To Your Life Success

Top 7 Barriers to Your Life Success

On this blog and my Acquired Hope website I have posted various articles, references, quotations and resources all related to the achievement of life success and abundance in all areas of life. While I have been posting suggestions on what to do, I have not really posted on what not to do. So this post will focus on few of the top 7 reasons why people fail to achieve and do not reach life success.

In my studies and awareness, anyone can achieve life success, if they have the vision, focus and mindset. If they live in accordance with the universal laws, they will attract all that they need in order to accomplish their life goals. But if you focus on the qualities of not achieving, then success becomes difficult and you do not get the results, leading to desperation and you utlimately give up.

You will have your own set of ups and downs and its how you, think, feel and ultimately react or respond to the siutation that will determine your results.

1. Lack of Purpose and Plan
You might have heard this several times that’s if you do not have a Goal in life and plan for it, you will not achieve your results. This might be the most repetitive fact of not achieving success, but still I am going to reiterate the same to you too. I am so passionate about Goals that I tell every single person and ask them “What do you want”. There is no clarity in this for many people. Can you clearly tell me what do you want? Life still moves on even if you are not aware of what you want in your life, however the journey might not be smooth, might not be the way you want and will not get you satisfaction and a sense of achievement. My first chapter in Acquired Hope talks about life goal setting. Read it!

Even if you have a Life Goal, ensure that you have the right strategy to achieve the same. I know of many people who say ‘Yes yes I have a goal’, they fail to understand that they need some ways to achieve it. Sitting back and relaxing can never get the results;You must Act!

Click here if you need help with Life Goals or Planning.

2. Desire
Honestly, this has to come first even prior to setting Goals. Where is the fire in people? There is no purpose for their own life and they are not even curious about things of their life of what they have to achieve. They truly wish only to have the best, but there is no deep sense of desire. You need to kindle the fire in yourself. If not, let me assure you will never achieve anything in life, because you perceive that you have everything in life.

3. Do Not Feel You Deserve Success
I see people who think that they cannot achieve thing simple because they are not aware of what to do and how to do. This in itself is a hurdle that stops them from achieving the best in life. Imagine if you think that you cannot do something, whatever happens you will only perform average. Failure is not the end results but only a means to the end. If this is understood clearly then you will not feel bad and sad for the results you produce. You must feel you deserve it in order to attract it! Having high self esteem is perhaps the most important quality that you must posses. If only you had the thought that irrespective of whether you will win or lose, you will take your stride forward for achieving excellence will.

4. Knowledge & Skills
This might not be the key reason to be successful, but important because at some point in time you need develop knowledge and skills. While experiences give certain results, continuous learning’s are very important. We must raise our skills and knowledge. Learn and study the people who are successful and emulate them!!! Invest time, money and study! It is the best thing you can do. Like Steven Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says “Sharpen the Saw”. If you do not do this, you become obsolete and reaching your desired results becomes difficult.

5. Discipline: Make Success a Habit!
Are you one among those, who says “I do not have the time”? Success is a habit, its is not an occurrence or an accident. When you want to reach your ultimate Goal, you need to break them down into smaller chunks and you need to consistently achieve. You need to take action every single moment to make it big. When you want to achieve you set your own rules of the game. When you set the rules of the game of life, you must adhere to it. You do not do this, then how do expect to achieve the results you want? I doubt if you can ever do it.

Even the most successful person always finds time for their life goals they....have the same 24 hours day, how is that one person is able to achieve more than what is possible? Simple, they are disciplined and manage the time giving it more importance. The 5 minutes of planning of time will get 1 hour of free time every day, but many fail to plan this. There is a resource on this blog about time management, use it! Manage your activities and your goals.

6. Limiting Beliefs
Did you know the outcome you focus on is the outcome you will produce? Too many people are living in thoughts and paradigms of lack and limitation, they believe something is difficult or are not open to all the possibilities. When you limit the flow of abundance to you, all the possibilities of the universe cannot flow to you, you subconsciously stop them at the door. By thinking in limiting beliefs and not believing in infinite possibilities, you limit your ability to achieve life success.

7. Fear
One top most reason for lack of life success you know is fear. Where does this fear come from? Prior conditioning and paradigms. People dream and the dream remains only a dream and never becomes a reality because they refuse to take the step forward. You have nothing to lose, because you don’t have to feel embarrassed about things of life. If you do not experience pain, then you do not get the muscles growing when you hit the gym. You will have some amount of pain when you do things. People fail because they fail to put back that fear which is only between their ears (I mean the mind). Just break free from all those limitations of life!

CHANGE! This is one secret of people who are successful and also not successful. People are unwilling to change and accept that they need to change. People do not realize that the way to achieve things is by having a CHANGE in life. A Small change will create a huge difference in life. The Butterfly Effect says so, I wrote about the butterfly effect in my book "Acquired Hope", learn the butterfly effect, it will change your life!

If you are willing to make the small difference in your life, then your dreams becomes a reality. If you can avoid these and take a step forward then you will reach faster towards your Goals. Remember, life is a Miracle and not a surprise. Everything you need is already here and within you, you have the creative ability to attract it all! We can design our life the way we want to. If you can take control and drive with safety you can get what you want. Desire and be focused to achieve the best in life".... Expect only great things!! Live with a purpose and Lead a Life of Excellence.

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