Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life Is A Journey: You Must Set Goals!

Goal Setting
A journey requires goals. Think about it, what do you really want? If you do not know, how can you receive it? Once you identify what you really want, write it down and if you have it already; fantastic! If you do not have what you really want, then establish it as a goal. Choose what you really want to be your experience.
To choose is also to begin.”

Goal Setting Exercise:
Take a few minutes to reflect on what exactly you wish to do, each day, each week, month and year. Now, take those thoughts and list 3-5 goals. Here are some examples of some goals:

1) I wish to spend more time with my family.
2) I wish to exercise.
3) I wish to work and have a successful career.
4) I wish to find love.
5) I wish to have more money.

Go back and revise your goals and be as detailed, objective and finite as possible. List your goal and then describe it as you imagine it would feel like if you were doing it or having it at this present moment.

1) I wish to spend 3 hours a day, one on one time with my family, playing, laughing and having fun together at the park.

2) I wish to exercise for 30-60 minutes 3-5 times a week, including walking, bicycle riding, weight lifting and swimming.

3) I wish to work in an environment that allows me to strive, not just survive, I wish to be successful and promoted to manager within the year.

4) I wish to meet my soul mate and be involved in a loving, caring, sharing and passionate relationship with this person and partner.

5) I wish to make “$ XX” dollars a year.

Now, go back and review your list again, read it out loud, how does the list make you feel? Do you feel good and happy when you read it and imagine yourself doing it or having those things right now? Good, that means you have identified good goals for you at this time. If you feel anxious or uneasy about your list, then go back and re-write the goals over and over until you do feel good. You should perform this exercise again, once you meet these goals and establish more goals. Once you get the hang of this creative process you will see your life unfold in front of you.

Excerpt from "Acquired Hope" book, more references and free resources on Acquired Hope website

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