Sunday, February 3, 2008

Strategy For Creating Your Dream Life

Dream of Escape from the rat race!!!

If you want to live with fuller life expression and lead a truly fulfilling life, you must have a powerful all consuming dream that drives you forward.

"If you don't have bold, daring and imaginative dreams then you're just not being realistic".
-Randy Gage

The reason why so many people are stuck in a slump or in ordinary lives, is that they simply have given up on their dreams in life, or even worse, they do not believe that they deserve a greater life or that they can actually have a better life. If you want to live fully, you must get back in touch with your dreams.

At one point, you had dreams, what are your dreams? What are your goals? What is your life purpose? If you need help finding your dreams, create a list of all the things you love to do, and all the things you do not like to do. This will help guide you to your life purpose.

Get excited about your dreams and your life purpose. When you are on purpose, you are unstoppable. You will attract everything that you need in order to make your dreams come true. When you believe this, you will develop an internal drive to take action, to follow your instinct and to remain focused. Expand your dreams even further and you will become unstoppable when obstacles get in your way. Develop an internal "knowing" that everything you need will appear, that no obstacle is too great to overcome, learn to pay attention to and live in harmony with the Universal Laws.

Success in life starts with a dream! Rememer the BE, DO, HAVE Rule (this is explained in depth in my Acquired Hope book) The secret is, you must BE what you dream of, then DO as you would if you already had your dream, this is the same as act as if it is true, or acting from the end, and then you will HAVE what you dream of. It is backwards from the way we were conditioned to think as we grew up. In our lives we were conditioned to believe it when we see it, ie we must HAVE it, before we can DO it and then BE it. The universe actually works in reverse order. When you get into harmony with how the Universe really works, you become a powerful attractor, able to manifest anything you dream of or desire.

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