Saturday, February 9, 2008

Miracles Come From Within!

My life journey has allowed me the opportunity to lose just about everything, including my health and ability to function so that I could stop and take some time to really learn and understand what life and living is truly about. For that I am grateful. I can honestly say, as I studied and internalized the material that I was attracting, out of a strong desire to live more fully, to feel better, to experience a miracle of healing and to educate, inspire and empower others coping with illness or any life struggle to do the same, I began to experience a life of miracles. My success and prosperity has increased after getting involved with the SGR program, that program taugh me more about life and how the universe works, than any other book or program I invested in. It changed my life. I have also significantly improved my health, I ran 5 miles today, several years ago, going up a flight of stairs was so exhausting I would throw up from it. (seriously, the MG kicked my butt!)

I have learned inner peace. I have learned about infinite possibilities, stopping the chatter, removing the doubt and to live on the side of abundance. For me, living with an "abundant attitude" has allowed me to think, feel and act in ways of abundance and put me in the flow of receiving an abundance of all good things. For that I am so very grateful. I understand now, that inner peace, success, optimal health, living in infinite possibilities is a spiritual journey. Not all get there. But few do. I hope you all achieve fuller life expression and the ability to create miracles in your life, whatever they may be and whatever a miracle means to you.

"Your miracles are an inside job. Go there to create the magic that you seek in your life."

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

"When you think positive, happy, loving thoughts, there is a different chemistry that goes on in your body than when you think depressing, negative, anguished thoughts. The way you decide to think has a dramatic effect on your chemistry and on your physiology."

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

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PrimeProjects said...

Hello Nicole,

Found your blog through Blogrush. And I do agree with what you've posted.

The mind that we have been blessed with is an awesome "machine." But just like many of the things we have, we need to use it properly for optimum results.

Having positive, health-sustaining thoughts is a choice and a discipline we can cultivate in our lives. I know - I used to be a worrier. But all that has changed now.

And really, the results are truly miraculous!

Hello Coach Carolyn,

Thank you for this concise nugget of wisdom. In this day of high-speed tech communications where attention spans are not like they used to be, it's nice to be reminded to be good listeners.

Somehow, we find ourselves in leadership situations, one way or the other. And to know how to lead them effectively is to know their needs. We can know their needs when we listen to them.

Thanks for this refreshing post again!

More power to you!

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