Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Reason for the Smirk on the Buddah

I heard something really clever the other day. I heard someone say that the reason for the smirk on the Buddah statue's face is because Buddah understood the powerful paradox of creating thinking and the use of free will.

When you think about it, creating thinking means that you use your mind to imagine things, people, circumstances that you would like to create in your experience. The use of free will is traditionally thought of as willing something to you, these two things are a paradox. They cannot exist simultaneously.

But what so few people understand, is that the truth is using your free will, as described above, is actually forcing something to happen, which cannot be done. When you force something to happen, you create resistance. You push against it, when you create resistance, the thing that you desire, cannot come to you. What few understand is that the proper use of the will. The proper use of the will means you use your will to keep your thoughts in harmony with the universe and the natural laws of the universe. You use your will to stay on purpose. So few people get this, Buddah understood this.... as the man said, this is the reason for the smirk on the Buddah.

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