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NEW EZINE Article: Powerful Affirmations: How To Create Powerful Affirmations

How to create powerful affirmations can be done masterfully with a bit of structure, practice and belief! Learn how below!

Creating powerful affirmations is a technique that is coveted, as once you master this process--you can literally manifest what you strongly desire fast, easily and with a whole lot of fun! The quality of your life improves dramatically---almost overnight! Creating powerful affirmations is technique that is interwoven with the Deliberate Creation process and it is recommended when you are describing and writing your life goals. Affirmations can be powered by adding emotions, conviction, gratitude, and the idea of present achievement. To read about the 10 steps on how to create powerful affirmations keep reading below.

How to create powerful affirmations is a question many have asked, few have mastered.

Affirmations are deliberately and concisely constructed statements which, when properly understood, accepted and practiced can transform your health and your future. Often times, these affirmations are silent, unspoken, but rather thoughts generated from our minds. Some people would call them prayers. Positive affirmations are those that are focused on positive things, deliberate thoughts that bring one feelings of love, passion, enlightenment, faith and hope.

1)The first step in how to create powerful affirmations is belief--believing what you want is already hear, and that it is yours--now! Undeniable.

Affirmations are nothing more than a string of words, however, which will not make a difference unless you know how to use them for maximum effectiveness. When you give you positive affirmations power and energy, they take off, go out into the universe and attract back to you all the health that you desire. You must give them power and energy in order to get your results. You must believe them to be true.

2) One of the most important techniques in how to create powerful affirmations is repetition!

3) When you want to master the process of how to create powerful affirmations make sure you fill your affirmative thoughts with positive emotions.

4) Mastery of the process of how to create powerful affirmations usually requires that we examine and change your current thought paradigms. This can be a painful process for some, a step in self discovery for others. But replacing old, disruptive thought patterns and belief systems is critical to evolving and changing life circumstances.

5) In order to master the process of how to create powerful affirmations you should always attach gratitude to your message. It is suggested that you begin each positive affirmation as "Yes! I am so happy and grateful now that . . ." For example, "Yes! I am so happy and grateful now that I can run five miles three times a week."

6) In the process of how to create powerful affirmations remember to always affirm big!!! If your goals do not scare you just a little bit, than you have not set the bar high enough...make big goals, dream big dreams and believe it is all for you!

7) In this next step in the 10 step process of how to create powerful affirmations you want to map out your goals. Make a plan. Have you ever tried to go on a road trip or vacation without a plan? No. This is no different, make a plan, plot out your course. It is much easier to attain a goal if you have it visualized and you can plot your progess and see if you get off course.

8)Visualize it. Practice creative visualization techniques; this helps you to see your goals and desires clearly in your mind. This process is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest quickly. This process of creative visualization is very effective, as it will activate brain cells that will now remember this mental image that you are holding, and therefore as the conscious or Spirit thought moves through you, it will create that image that you are seeing in your mind.

9) The 9th step in how to create powerful affirmations is to expect your affirmations to come true! One of my favorite quotes about creating success is by Napoleon Hill; he states, "No one is ready to receive a thing, until they believe that they can acquire it." Wow, does that not say it all? If you do not believe that you can have something and even more, expect it!!! then you will never succeed. You must believe and expect it, period. If you do not yet truly expect it, then you will not be able to attract what you need in order to bring it into form.

10) Ultimately, nothing is going to happen in the how to create powerful affirmations process until you TAKE ACTION!

Start NOW! Do not delay!

Start by applying this 10 Step How To Create Powerful Affirmations process to your life!

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