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Harmonizing with the Law of Gratitude- squidoo lens

Harmonizing with the Law of Gratitude by Expressing Your Gratitude

Living with the Law of Gratitude: Express Your Gratitude!
It is critical to cultivate a habit of being grateful everyday for all good things and health that comes to you. Give thanks continuously. There are many things that have contributed to your life so far, it is important to give thanks to these things or people in order to continue your life and advancement. Here are some things one can do to live in harmony with the Law of Gratitude and ways to express their gratitude.
"Humor is a prelude to faith and laughter is the beginning of prayer."-Reinhold Niebuhr
Working with the Law of Gratitude:
Mae a Gratitude List: You can start be expressing your gratitude by making a list of twenty things that you are grateful for. Read this list every morning and every night. You may be grateful for your family, the sunshine, your pet, your eyesight, your legs, your house, your friends. Read this list at least two times a day for 60 days and notice the shift in your thinking. Wonderful things happen on a regular basis to those who express gratitude.
Working in Harmony with the Law of Gratitude: Gratitude Object
Another suggestion is to have a gratitude object, that every time you see it or touch it, you express gratitude for all that you are thankful for. It can be a ring, a key chain a rock, a bracelet. It should be an object that you are likely to see or use everyday. Every morning and every night when you see or touch this object, express your thanks to the universe or Higher Power.

Working with the Law of Gratitude:
Gratitude Routine: You can also put the practice of expressing your gratitude into your daily routine in order to habituate the practice. For example, every morning as you go about your morning routine, such as taking a shower, shaving or doing hair and make up, eating breakfast, or every time you walk your dog, or every time you are driving in your car, set a side a few minutes to say thank you for everything in your life and that for which you are grateful for. Very quickly, this will be your habit and default pattern of thinking. You will notice your energy shift.

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