Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Law of Gratitude: An Attitude of Gratitude

Mastery of the law of gratitude and life success is to live with an attitude of gratitude. One of the most important things you can do to shift your emotional energy, raise your natural vibrations and to put yourself into a state of bing in harmony with this universal law of gratitude and receiving, is to change your focus from what you do not have or your lack (lack of health, love or wealth), to a focus on what you do have (health, love and difabilities) and express gratitude. The law of gratitude means that by appreciating what you do have, and what you are able to do, you begin to go into a different direction and turn your life around and bring more positive experiences and good health into your life. In order to be effective at this, it is important to have an attitude of gratitude.

The whole process of mental and spiritual adjustment and atonement can only be complete with the act of practicing gratitude.

Gratitude and the law of gratitude is one of the most powerful, yet underestimated tricks you can learn and apply in order to bring what you desire to you. The more that you are grateful for, the more that will be given to you to be grateful for and the faster it will come to you. The simple reason for this is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind closer to the universe or Higher Power. The closer one is to the universe or Higher Power, the more blessings one will receive. This is the law of gratitude!It this is a new concept to you, that gratitude brings more good into your life by brining you into harmony with the universe or Higher power and the creative energies, please consider it well, test it out and you will see that it is true. Gratitude will lead your mind out along ways by which things come, including good health, and it will keep you in close harmony with the creative thought and prevent you from falling into the competitive plane of thought into those negative thoughts of envy, jealousy and lack.

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