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Tips for Creative Visualization for Effective Manifestations

Creative Visualization (Excerpt from book
Visualization is another way to facilitate the creative process and solidify your hope. The art and practice of visualization provides your mind with images of that which you are hoping for and makes your thoughts more consistent and clear, in effect sending a stronger message to the universe or Higher Power.

By providing your mind images of actual photos or things that you want you are putting yourself into the feeling place of having it now. If you have been there in the mind, you will go their in the body. When you visualize, feel the joy, the happiness, the hope and optimism of having a healthy body and you will become a health body.

Why Visualization Alone does not Work
Visualization can be an affective way to attract things and experiences into your life. But if your practice of visualization does not also include clarity and emotion, it will not work. Without clarity and emotion, visualization becomes merely wishful thinking. So when you think about and visualize what you want and wish for, feel the emotion, feel the joy, hope and see the detail, keep the image clear and act as if it is already true.

Vision Board
The easiest and most effective way of practicing visualization in order to attract more health into your experience is by creating a vision board. Look through magazines, at pictures of healthy bodies; strong, functional, blissful bodies, cut out pictures of healthy organs; such as a healthy heart if you are dealing with heart disease or strong muscles if you are coping with a neuromuscular disease. Cut these pictures out and pin them up on a board, this is your vision board. Spend a few minutes everyday, looking at these pictures, feel the emotions and see the detail, pretend as if this is already your new reality.

Vision Board Exercise
Create your new vision board. This is fun, enjoy it. Helpful hint, do not put anything on your vision board that relates to your condition or illness, for example, if you are challenged with alcoholism, refrain from putting any image of alcohol or alcoholic beverages on your vision board. Your pictures will become images that your mind will bring to you in your experience. Remember to bring clarity, emotion and the belief that it is already true to your vision board.

Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself-in your way of thinking and attitude.”
-Fred Corbett

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