Monday, December 15, 2008

Create & Receive That Which You Want!

According to the natural laws of attraction, in order for a desire, wish or state of being to manifest, sometimes action will be required. This is the universe or Higher Power actually trying to put you in a place to receive that which you are asking for. This is step three of the creative process, this is the receiving step. You may get an inspired thought, an idea out of the blue, a gut instinct, telling you to do something. When this happens, take inspired action, follow your instinct. This may be an urge to call an old friend, send an email, search for something on the internet that may lead you to better medical treatment or a physician or friend who can provide you care or support. These inspired actions often lead to new opportunities or they attract people or events into your life that will in the end be part of your wish coming true. If these inspired thoughts feel true, then it is wise to follow them and act upon them. You may be surprised how people or things quickly fall into your life in the process of realizing your ultimate wish.

“All things are what you make them.”

Using the Creative Process to Attract What You Desire
The creative process involves stating what you are really wanting, allowing the universe or Higher Power to answer and then putting yourself in alignment, or that happy feeling place, in order to receive that which the universe is trying to bring you. An intense desire is the spark that starts the engine of co-creating your experience with the universe. It turns your thoughts into things, people and experiences. It raises your energy or vibrating frequency such that the universe or Higher Power has no choice other than to respond and bring you things or persons that match your frequency. Just like a magnet.

Maintaining a focused attention on what you wish for, down to the detail, helps to provide a clear and consistent message to the universe or Higher Power, helping the wish or thought to be manifested. Focusing your attention means that you imagine your desires, the details, the senses, the feeling place of having it now and you following your inspired thoughts with inspired actions. Never take you eye off the goal. Focus on the end result. Do not change the goal until you have received it. You can make new goals once you get the hang of this. In life’s journey, our travels are filled with goals, experiences and feelings as we go towards our final destination.

Lastly, make the decision that this is what you really want, such as good health, full functionality, pain free movement, the return of strength and mobility, emotional and spiritual strength, settle for nothing less. Making this decision and holding fast to it creates the expectation that is it on its way to you. Act with faith and purpose and believe that your wishes truly are coming to you.
Excerpt from my book "Acquired Hope" see also and

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